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    This is one of my favorite types of picture…the woman dressed in a ladylike fashion, administering a spanking to a half-undressed male miscreant. After giving him a finger-wagging lecture, of course.

    I believe it’s from the Leda publications/videos, and the female model’s name is Chelsea. If I recall properly, she was quite tall, and could make her voice sound very condescending in a sexy way. In one video, after spanking that guy (whose name was David, I believe), she sat him down in her lap and masturbated him while another demurely dressed woman watched. Very hot scene. I wish I could remember the name of the video, which I must have seen fifteen years ago on some VHS tape…

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    Thanks Irv, I . I shure would likeseen most of Leda’s videos, wish i had kept them but being a family man i had to get rid of them./ I sure would like to see those
    videos today, those super superior Females, should be put in a hall of Fame.

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