Women Should Spank Men: Three Reasons

Female Led Corporal Punishment

Three simple basic reasons for women spanking and disciplining men.

Physical punishment encourages prompt and more perfect obedience to a submissive male’s Mistress. He must be mindful that she is the boss.

Males are generally unable to make the best decisions for themselves. Spanking them directs their behavior to to activities and in ways that are in the male’s true best interest.

Mistresses often cherish the submissive husbands and boyfriends. That woman exerts herself to guide and improve a man’s life is proof of her affection for him.



  1. tessa says

    I agree with those three reasons and there are mny more, males make obedient partners in and out of the bedroom,they are better at doing house hold chores because
    they are discipline and punish by their Superior female Mistress. males are the inferior sex and make natural slaves for the Superior Female.

  2. whyguys says

    Also it is important both symbolically and in effect to reverse the falsely held notions in male minds that power, strength and authority ever rested in the hands of males. The punishment, initially must almost always be so harsh as to leave the male in discomfort, in tears, in shame and in fear. Such breaks his old patterns and educates him to see it is his sex and not the Authoritative and Masterful Female that is truly the weaker, the meeker, dependent and YES even truly more feminine sex. Later when males automatically live in knowledge that they are underlings, Women shall find less and less power they need to exert to keep the male in obeisance.

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