Cum Eating Cuckold

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I had, over many years, asked my wife to keep me in chastity. I went as far as buying a CB3000 and presenting it to her, but to no avail. She was not interested. From time to time, I brought up the subject, to be received by groans of ‘not again’. I gave up all hope.

Having not mentioned it for over a year, I was stunned to silence when she said, one evening

‘Remember that thing you wanted to wear? Are you still interested?’

‘Yes’ I said, after a few moments of flummoxed silence.

‘You are happy to put it on, for me to have the keys and then prepared for anything that might happen…or not, so to speak?’

‘Yes’ I gulped.

‘OK, get a shower, put it on and bring me the keys.’

I was wild with ecstasy. I could hardly get a shower because my cock was so hard. I was tempted to masturbate, but she came into the bathroom and watched me. Putting the CB3000 on was difficult – I had to wait until my cock had calmed down, forcing myself to think of anything else but that. Eventually it was on and we went into the bedroom, where she snapped the lock shut and pocketed the keys.

She threw a dress at me.

‘You can wear this, tonight. I’m not sure male clothing suits you, in that thing. I’m going out, now. You can just stay here and wait for me. If you want to make yourself useful, there’s some ironing to do.’

I was wild with excitement. My cock tried to burst out of the cage. I had wondered what it might feel like, but never imagined it would be so exciting. I wasn’t afraid of what might happen, just excited.

It was around midnight when she came back. She inspected my ‘thing’ before sitting me in a chair in the bedroom and tying me to it, firmly, with my legs tied to the chair legs and my arms tied behind and fastened to the leg bonds. My mind whirled. She gagged me and threw a blanket over me, leaving me in semi darkness. she went downstairs.

What seemed like hours later she returned to the bedroom….but she was not alone. She had a man with her. I couldn’t see them, but I could not mistake the sound of clothes being removed and sex getting under way. Some clothes, hers by the feel, were thrown over the blanket covering me.

I was powerless. I had to listen to my wife of ten years having sex with another man, hear her sighs of pleasure and the occasional comment that it was so much better than with ‘her husband’.

I had asked for (or so I thought) a game of chastity that would excite me and perhaps spice up our sex life. This, I had never anticipated and my feelings were a mixture of the excitement of being chastened, agony at what was now happening, fear for the future, but all tinged with a perverse pleasure. As she had the other man, part of me enjoyed it.

They became quiet, eventually. Then she said

‘You’ll have to go now, my husband will be back soon. It wouldn’t do for him to catch us. I’ll call you when he’s next away.’

I heard him dressing and then they left the room.

She came back. With a flourish, she pulled the blanket from me.

She stood before me, naked. She was gorgeous – I have never seen her so beautiful. I would have done anything at that moment, to fuck her, but I knew it was unlikely. She untied me and removed the gag.

‘Well. You did say anything.’ were her first words.

‘I did….but…’

‘No buts, anything is anything’

‘Can I..’

‘No, but you can eat me. I’m full of his juice and i think it appropriate that you share it with me…..’

She lay back on the bed and, dutifully, I knelt and put my face between her legs, reaching my lips and tongue towards her glistening pussy, thinking that she never did anything by half measures.

‘Mmmm,’ she said as I began ‘…mmm….I think I’ll try a woman, next time.’

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Man Humiliated, Degraded, Deserted

Man’s Total Degradation at the Hands of a Woman

I have long been a true believer in Female supremacy, and have long wanted to be owned and kept as a slave to a Mistress. Unfortunately, i have had few opportunities to do so. So, on occasion I will do a professional scene, or call an escort service to my hotel room that does domination. A little over a week ago while on vacation, i decided to call an escort service. i asked if they had any girls who offered intense domination scenes.

They said yes and took my name and phone and room numbers and said they would have one of the girls who is into that give me a call. About half an hour later the phone rang and it was the escort, she asked what exactly i was looking for. i told her `i’m not looking for kinky sex or even something that i would necessarily enjoy. i want you to use or abuse me as you see fit. If there is anything that you ever wanted to do to a guy, no matter how cruel, humiliating, or disgusting i might find it; then this is your chance…once you have me tied up i won’t have any choice, just do it to me.’

She said `I think I can accommodate you’ and i said `No, i don’t want you to accommodate me, it should be the other way around.’

`I have just the thing in mind’ she said, `But first, i will need you to go a drug store and pick up several items. Do you think you could do that for me?’

`Sure’ i replied. `What do you want me to get?’

`I need you to get two votive candles, some rope, duct tape, three Fleet enemas the saline kind, the largest can of baby formula they sell, a can opener to open it with, a large tube of extra-strength Ben-Gay, adult diapers, and a pack of q-tips.’ she said. `And i’ll be by in about two hours, in the meantime you are not to eat or drink anything, nor are you to use the bathroom, understood?’

`Yes, Mistress’ i replied, and then went to do my shopping. A couple of hours later, i let her into my room after hearing her knock.

`Okay’ she said taking the two hundred dollars from me. `Let’s get started’.

She then told me to strip naked. While i was doing this, she opened up the can of baby formula and told me to drink it all. It took a couple of minutes for me to drink it all as i did not enjoy its taste, and it was such a large can. During this time she had stripped also, and then proceeded to take one of the enemas herself. i must have had a puzzled look on my face because she said with a smile `Don’t worry, the other two are for you’.

She then put on one of the diapers, and told me to lie face down on the bed. She then opened up the rope and duct tape, and using the rope tied me tightly spread-eagled to the bed. i was getting quite excited as i did not know what to expect at this point. Then she grabbed the other two enemas, and administered them both to me. After squeezing in the last few drops, she told me to hold it in. At this time she took one of the votive candles and inserted it part way up my ass like a buttplug trapping the enemas inside me. She then lit the other candle, and dripped the wax down my ass so it would seal the other candle in and i could not expel the enemas.

The wax hurt a bit, but since i had experienced it before it wasn’t too bad. But after about ten minutes, i was beginning to cramp up really bad from the enemas. She looked at me and laughed, saying `Wait a little longer, the formula should be working its way through you soon as well’ . i never knew that baby formula gives one diarrhea, but i was about to find out.

A few minutes later, i heard her expel her enema into her diaper, she then said that she had peed as well, and that she no longer needed her diaper, but maybe i did. With this she then undid her diaper slightly, and pulled it off carefully so she would not spill its contents. For a minute i thought she was going to put it on me, but then she suddenly grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up and then shoved it into the diaper face first. i was going to say no but that it best to keep my mouth shut so i wouldn’t get a mouthful of her shit.

She then grabbed the duct tape and secured the diaper to my face leaving just enough room for me to breathe but not loose enough for the contents to spill out. i couldn’t believe what was happening; here i was tied spread-eagle to a hotel room bed with an enema trapped inside me by a candle waxed into my asshole, with a piss and shit filled diaper taped to my head, but the worst was yet to come. She grabbed the tube of extra-strength Ben-gay and squeezed about half of it onto my cock and balls and rubbed it in thoroughly.

It was all i could do to keep from screaming out. She then spread the tip of my penis open and squirted a glob of Ben-gay into it, and using a q-tip pushed it into my urethra.

She then squirted another glob into the very tip. i screamed out in agony only to be treated to a mouthful of her shit. But the diaper was secure enough that it muffled my screams. Through the haze of pain i heard `Was that cruel, humiliating, and disgusting enough for you? Now that I’ve given you what you wanted, its time for me to get what I’ve always wanted.

I’ve always wanted to tie up one of you sick perverts and leave you for the maids to find tomorrow. Goodbye.’ she said and with that, she got up, dressed and left me in my predicament.

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I’m forced to use an old 350 MHz PIII that I’d retired years ago. On it I discovered this old photograph that I must have downloaded from the femdom binaries news group a long time back.

High heel worship

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Memories II

Continued from prior entry.

One evening we were sitting, drinking wine and watching TV. Our conversation
rambled over many topics, none of any consequence. We started to talk about
fantasies. I asked her what her favorite fantasy was and to my surprise she
blushed and didn’t want to tell me. Intrigued, I kept coming back to the
question and she kept putting me off. Finally when I asked again she looked at
me and softly told me she was too embarrassed to tell me about it but she would
show me if I was willing. I didn’t know what was coming but I definitely
wanted to find out what her secret might be.

We picked up our wineglasses and she took my hand and led me into the bedroom.
She didn’t say anything, just slowly started to undress me. When I was naked
she had me lay back on the bed. It had a brass headboard and she had me reach
up and grab hold of the headboard. She told me that whatever I did not to let
go of the headboard.

To say that I was excited and intrigued is an understatement. I made a vow to
myself that there was no way I would let go. I doubt that she was thinking
about it but by giving me the ability to get away I had to admit to myself that
this was something I chose to do. I could have stopped it at any point. I
wanted this to happen.

She sat on the edge of the bed sipping her wine, looking at me. I lay there
naked with my arms above my head staring back at her. Neither of us said a
word. Once in a while I saw a smile play across her face and she would softly
run a finger across my chest or leg or arm. I often wonder what she was
thinking as she looked down at me.

When she finished her wine she stood up and slowly started to undress. If
possible I started to become more aroused as I watched her. She looked at me
and chuckled.

She straddled my body, sitting on my belly. She kissed me, her tongue invading
my mouth. Her fingers entwined in my hair, she slowly moved my head so she
could use her tongue to trace around my chin and along my neck. Her tongue
went in my ear and I jerked. It felt like a cross between an electric shock
and being tickled. She stopped, raised herself up and looked at me with a kind
of quizzical look. Then she smiled.

Her fingers tightened in my hair and she turned my head to the side. Fingers
in my hair held my head in place as her tongue attacked my ear. My body bucked
underneath her and moans escaped from my lips. She turned my head so she could
get at the other ear and then back again. I don’t know how long it lasted,
somewhere between a second and forever, but I wasn’t going to let go of the

Finally she stopped, sitting up and looking at me. I lay there trying to catch
my breath. My chest rising and falling as I gulped in air. She was excited, I
could feel her excitement on my stomach. She scooted down my body and her knee
started to slide between my legs. “Spread your legs for me,” she said. I
don’t know why but I was embarrassed as I complied. “Wider.” “I said Wider!”

There I was, flat on my back with my legs open as far apart as I could get
them. She sat between my legs exploring and examining my cock, balls and the
juncture where my legs came together. Yes, embarrassed is the right word.

Suddenly she brought her knee up between my legs, slamming it into my buttocks.
It didn’t really hurt but all I felt was panic, white-hot panic. Any man
knows (maybe women too) the fear I felt at that moment. My legs instinctively
closed as much as they could around her hips. She told me to spread my legs
again. Emotions raced through my being. I knew what she was going to do. I
knew she wouldn’t hurt me on purpose, but what if she made a mistake? It was
all I could do to open my legs. I was timid to say the least. She put her
hands on the insides of my thighs, pushing, to help me along.

Her knee slammed into me again. My legs tried to close again but she was
holding them open. “Keep them open.” Over and over she brought her knee up
between my legs into my buttocks. Each time I could feel the jar through my
body. Each time my legs started to close and I had to work at keeping them

Finally she moved up my body again. She took my cock in her hands and rubbed
her clitoris along its length. My hips came off the bed as I strained to be
inside her. By this time I was probably whimpering I was so aroused and wanted
her to fuck me. Instead, she alternated between using my cock as a dildo and
moving forward over my face so I could lick and suck her. Over and over she
moved up and down my body. I don’t know how many times she came. Every so
often she would stop and rest, sitting on me, grinning like a Cheshire cat,
looking in my eyes, very pleased with herself. Then she would start again.

Eventually she did let me inside. I don’t remember the details of that part
very well. I know I didn’t last too long after being so aroused for so long.

Afterward, as we lay in each others arms, all I could say was that she could
act out her fantasy with me anytime she desired.

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