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Cougar Mistress

It was a cougar who introduced me to the femdom way! When I was 24 I started dating a 36 year old woman–or I should say she started dating me.

Up to that point I had several girlfriends my age and I was used to getting my way sexually. I wasn’t abusive of course; I just didn’t know any better because that’s how males are taught to think about women and sex. Then I met Carol.

After our 3rd date I tried to get her into bed and she rebuffed me by saying that it was too soon and she would let me know when she was ready. I tried again after our 4rd date a few days later and she said the same thing. The very next night I tried a 3rd time and success!

She led me into her bedroom, started undressing me and got me into her bed. She then used scarves to tie my hands and feet to her bed, which was a first for me because I was used to being in charge in the bedroom but I thought “what the heck, I’ll let her and next time I’ll tie her up” Then she gagged my mouth and explained to me that sex is a gift from a woman to a man and the woman decides when and how to have sex, etc. and we would discuss this further in the morning.

She left me naked tied and gagged the whole night.

I was very embarrassed and humbled, especially after trying to get free and not having any luck. The scarves didn’t seem all that tight but I may as well have been in steel handcuffs–Carol really knew her knots!.

The next morning we had a discussion about our budding relationship and she stated that she was going to lead the relationship and I could either accept it or we could part ways then and there. When I agreed to her demands, we had the most mind-blowing sex I ever had up until that point, with me still tied to her bed.

We were together for almost two years in a totally female led relationship and she remains the most influential woman I have ever had in my life. I still run into her on occasion (we are on good terms) and it’s amazing just how sensual she is to me even though she is now almost 60 and has grey hair and has put on weight.

All the women in my life–including my wife–have benefitted from my time with Carol.

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More Boots

Yet another old photo found buried in a folder on this old computer.

Woman in boots

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Female Domination Level Ten

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Cuckold Hubby 11

About midnight I got a shock. A key rattled in the hotel room door. I hadn’t
expected Moira back so soon! My panti-girdle and belt were still firmly in
place, so that was OK. I hoped Moira was OK. She was. And so was Lars.
She had invited him back to our room – I couldn’t believe it. Shamed by my
bonds I tried to hide my hands, but Moira already had the light on and was
introducing me! “This is my husband,” she explained. “You said you wanted to
meet him Lars… well here he is, trussed up and ready like you said!” I
felt a wave of cold shock come over me, and collapsed to my knees, my bound
arms sticking out helplessly in front of me. “Stand up darling,” I heard my
wife’s voice floating somewhere. “Don’t worry. Lars won’t hurt you. I made
him promise. And I want to take your trousers off so we can see your girdle.”

With that Moira hauled me to my feet, loosened the belt in my trousers,
pulled down the zip of my fly, and let my trousers fall to the floor. Of
course the panti-girdle was still there, making me look like a pansy. I
couldn’t believe my nice, normal, middle-class Moira was doing this to me.
“Now sit in the chair darling” she continued. “Lars wants to fuck me on our
bridal bed, and he wants you to watch”. I struggled to obey, and saw Moira
fall on the bed with ‘Lars’. Quickly he was at her, one hand manipulating a
gorgeous breast through her blouse and bra, whilst the other held her head
to his as he tongue kissed her. Having got things under way ‘Lars’ then
appeared to want to take things slowly. Before my very eyes my wife’s
clothing was removed, ever so slowly, item by item, until she was naked
before him. First her thin, almost transparent blouse went, then her tight,
short skirt was unzipped from the side and allowed to fall. Moira was
wearing a suspender belt and very expensive, sheer stockings. Her panties
stayed on for a while as this hunk of a latin male rubbed two powerful
fingers over Moira’s crotch. She allowed him to masturbate her. His lips
sucked her tits through the shiny material of her bra, making her nipples
stand out. Moira’s hips ground backwards and forwards on his hand as her
eager mouth sort his.

Next her panty-briefs were removed, and Lars turned sideways on the bed for
a few minutes to give my wife a good tonguing between her legs. I could only
watch in horror as she ground her cunt into his face. Then came the
stockings and suspender belt. The stockings were flung in my direction, and
I manouvered them to my face, smelling Moira’s female scents as her more
virile lover continued to prepare her to receive his liquid. Finally Moira’s
brassiere was removed, leaving my wife stark naked before the still fully
clothed Lars. Now Moira sat up a bit, and unzipped the man’s fly. I
followed her every movement as her hand went inside his trousers and pulled
out that gigantic cock. I could see his balls now, huge and round,
protruding from his clothing. Moira bent her face to his cock and proceeded
to suck him into her mouth, at least as best she could. Her pink lipsticked
lips worked themselves up and down his bulbous knob, as well as as much of
his massive shaft as she could manage.

I wanted to cum desperately, but could do nothing, except watch, fascinated.
In a few more minutes Lars was nude also, and I knew I was about to watch
my wife get well and truly fucked by another man’s cock. Lars’s huge tool
protruded like a flag-pole from his body. I couldn’t help but stare at it’s
length and thickness, calculating it to be at least twice the size of mine.
I began to feel really seriously inadequate. No wonder Moira preferred other
men. Perhaps I couldn’t really blame her for going to real men for sex. How
could I even dream of filling her up properly after she’d been stretched
open by a monster cock like that? I felt that if I were a woman, I’d
probably want a proper man’s cock too!

Moira now grabbed her new man’s penis and guided it to her lips again. Her
beautifully painted, sexy, feminine lips curled around his knob. Then she
was licking it, up and down, up and down, whilst gently manipulating her
lover’s balls in her hand. Next those balls disappeared into Moira’s mouth,
one after the other, as she sucked hard on her male’s scrotal sac. Lars was
in ecstacy, groaning wildly as Moira’s tongue played with his testicles.
After a few minutes of this, during which – to my amazement – Lars’s
cock seemed to lengthen and fill out yet another inch, Moira lay down on the
bed, opened her legs, and guided her man into her body. I watched paralysed
with lust as the gigantic male member nudged open my wife’s cunt, and then
began to disappear from sight inside her. Suddenly Lars seemed to lose
control. He began to rut like a desperate animal, thrusting his weapon again
and again up Moira’s slippery hole. Faster and faster he fucked her. Moira
looked elated. “Yes, yes. Do it to me. Fuck me. Make me cum. Spunk me Lars,
I want you,” she moaned. Within seconds Lars was doing as invited and
ejaculating his spunk into my wife. He really shoved hard at Moira as he
came, holding her shoulders down on the bed as he delivered his load into
her, her tits wobbling and rippling with each male orgasmic thrust. In a way
it was a beautiful sight, but I was an emotional wreck, and I could feel my
own little cock trying and failing to grow beyond about three or four inches
inside the imprisoning panti-girdle.

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Female Sadists, Male Masochists : Photographs

More images mostly vintage, all from sources unknown of women dominating and being cruel to submissive men.














Prior assemblages of Femdom BDSM Imagery

F/mish fashion ads:

Female Led Images

More complete fashion editorials:


Female Domination

And Dominatrix Drawings and Paintings.

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Man Spanked & Disiciplined by Fiancée

Man’s Lifetime of Spanking Discipline & Punishment

When I was growing up, my mom used to always spank me. You see, my dad was an over the road salesman, and was only home on weekends. So my mom took care of the day to day discipline around the house. At first it was just a tap on the back of the legs with a yardstick. My mom liked to sew, so she always had a yardstick near by. But as I grew older, I had to pull down my pants and underwear for a spanking on my bare bottom.

I was also spanked through high school and when I started college. My mom felt that as long as I lived in the house under her rules, I deserved to be spanked. In high school, she usually had me bend over the end of the sofa, or a chair, for a spanking with a paddle. My mom also got various paddles over the years. Some had holes in them that really stung, others had different shapes to them. My bottom was always turned quite red, and many times I had to stand in a corner after the spanking. The spanking did make me really respect my mom.

After I started college, I moved out of the house to an apartment of my own. By the end of college, I had found a woman that I really liked and wanted to marry. I had taken her over to see my mom and dad, and they really liked her, too. After I graduated from college, I finally got engaged to Khymberly and I was looking forward to being married to her. Since we were engaged, she had a key to my apartment.

At this point, I was beginning to take Khymberly for granted, even though we weren’t even married yet. She was washing all of my clothes, making my meals, going grocery shopping for me, and I was treating her more as a servant than as my soon to be wife. Anyway, I guess Khymberly talked to my mom about this, and one day when I came home from the office, I was greeted by both my fiancée and my mom.

“Khymberly tells me that you haven’t been showing her much respect, lately.” My mom said. “She has been doing all of the work around your apartment, and that you have been treating her more like a servant than your future wife. Is this true?”

“It hasn’t been that bad,” I pleaded.

“She tells me that she does all of your laundry, takes out your trash, makes your meals, and even runs errands for you. That’s not how you should treat Khymberly.”

“Why not! Khymberly is willing to do it for me,” I said.

“Khymberly feels like she has become a personal slave to you, and that you don’t treat her with respect anymore.” My mom said.

“I didn’t realize I was acting this way towards her,” I said.

“You have been treating Khymberly very poorly, and I want to make sure she stays in the family.” My mom said. “I have decided to show Khymberly how I have kept you behaving in the proper manner. So Khymberly and I are going to give you a good spanking.”

“A spanking? But I am too old for that.” I said.

“You deserve a good spanking for what you have been doing to Khymberly, and you are never too old for a spanking,” my mom said.

“I’ll act better towards Khymberly,” I said. “You don’t have to spank me.”

“This way you will remember to treat Khymberly with more respect,” my mom said. “So go over to the end of the sofa and prepare yourself for a spanking.” So I slowly went over to the end of the sofa and dropped my slacks and underwear, so that they were at my ankles. Meanwhile, my mom was telling Khymberly, “I brought my paddles along that I used to spank him with. After we spank him today, I can leave the paddles with you so that you can spank him whenever he needs it.” My mom looked over at me and saw that I was still standing up and she said, “Bend over the sofa so that we can start your spanking.”

So now I was bent over the sofa with my bare bottom sticking out, awaiting for Khymberly and my mom to spank me. “I like to use the paddle with the holes in it. It stings his bottom more than the other paddles.” Then my mom started to spank me. While she was spanking me, she told Khymberly, “You should spank him going from cheek to cheek, and he’s a big boy now, so you can spank him hard. Now you try it.” Then she handed the paddle to Khymberly and she was spanking me. She wasn’t spanking me as hard as my mom until my mom said, “Go ahead and spank him harder. He can take it.” Then I felt the paddle stinging my poor bare bottom even harder. “Sometimes I change to other paddles when I spank him,” my mom said. “They make different noises and they feel different for him. You should spank him until his bottom turns a nice red color.” So Khymberly tried other paddles on me and kept spanking me.

“His bottom looks pretty red now, should I stop spanking him?” Khymberly asked my mom.

“Give him a few more swats, then you should stop,” my mom said. After a couple more swats, my spanking stopped and my mom said, “After I spank him, I always have him stand in the corner with his pants still down and his hands at his sides. So you can stand up, now, and stand in the corner.”

I really wanted to rub my poor hurting bottom, but I went to the corner and stood there with my arms at my sides. Then Khymberly and my mom talked for what seemed like a long time. My mom told Khymberly that I should be spanked on a regular basis, so that I would always respect her.

“Why don’t you leave him standing in the corner until after I leave,” my mom said. “Don’t be afraid to call me if you have any questions about when and how to spank him.” So then my mom left my apartment, and I was alone with Khymberly.

“You can pull up your pants now.” Khymberly said to me. “I’m going to enjoy spanking you, to keep you from taking me for granted.”

And so after this, my wife spanked me on a regular basis after we were married. It has made me appreciate my wife, and behave a lot better.

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Female Domination Level Nine

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Female Domination Level Eight

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Whipmistress was published by the House of Milan. This is the only cover of the magazine that I’ve managed to find.

WhipMistress House of Milan

More F/m magazines.

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Female Domination Level Seven

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