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Female Led Femme Fatales

Femme Fatale, another female domination fantasy magazine.

Femdom Femme Fatale

Femdom Femme Fatale Magazine

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Fly Swatter Punishment

F/m Domestic Discipline

Given the broom it must have been inadequate performance of housework that earned this submissive man his spanking punishment.

Femdom Spanking Punishment Photograph

Submissive Man’s Penis Punishment

Strict Mistress Wife using a ruler to beat her sub husbands penis and testicles.
In addition to forcing repentance this can also be a form of enforced male chastity. His genitals if whipped with sufficient force and frequency will be too sore to be employed in recreation or misbehavior.

Female Led Penis Punishment

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Unfaithful Worm’s Punishment

“You! Come here now!” Damn she sounded mad.

“I don’t have time to put your collar on. Kowtow!”

That was maybe the third time she used that word. I wished she’d never read it. I dropped to my knees and bowed extending my hands in front of me crossing them at the wrist, not allowing them to touch the floor. I could hold the posture for thirty seconds if I was lucky.

It was probably less than fifteen before I fell on my hands. She stomped on them.

“You incompetent slave! Can’t obey a simple instruction. Bend up and look at me.”

Kneeling upright I did. What I saw through me. I saw a funny reflection of myself. She was wearing mirrored glasses. For the first time ever I couldn’t get feedback from her eyes. I froze without seeing her eyes I didn’t know what to do. All I saw was myself on my knees looking pathetic.

“Tell me you worthless piece of shit is there something wrong with the way I look?” She kicked my knees.

“I – ” More kicks.

“Aren’t you satisfied with me? Don’t I do enough for you?”

I didn’t try to say anything. Lost and confused I started to tremble.

“Don’t try that trick with me you unfaithful little worm!”

I was actually getting dizzy. She was the only star in my galaxy, I wouldn’t know how to be unfaithful. I just looked up at her hurt and silent.

“Look what I found on your computer.”

Oh. It was a photo of a Playboy centerfold I once fancied. In an idle moment of recollection I’d found it. Maybe I’d spent five seconds looking at it. An expensive five seconds it seemed.

“But I just “¦ ”

“Shut up!” her voice was so loud and harsh it cut into me like a whip. I had no idea she’d care. She knew other women had become invisible to me after I found her.

“You’re just a worm aren’t you? Get on your belly and look like one.”

She lashed my arms and legs together tightly. From where she stood I probably did like a worm.

“Since you are just a worm I’m going to teach you the worm game.”

“I have my cat o nine tails in my hand. Being a worm you’ll try to squirm away when it hits you. By the time my arm gets tired you won’t think about naked women anymore will you.”

I wished I really was a worm and could burrow out of site. With her cat and angry I had no idea what she might do to me.

“You just lie there and wonder fish bait when the first lash will come.”

Just barely I heard her snicker softly to herself. She wasn’t mad. But she had played me like a worm on a hook.

I might’ve relaxed but given what she had in her hand I knew that I’d deeply hate the ‘worm game.’

Mistress Victoria

Victoria 17, Devoted to the Dominant Female

Dominatrix Victoria Dominant Woman

© Rogue-Hagen (R-H Fashions)

My thanks to Bibliophile.

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Make Cuckolded Man’s Penis Smaller

Diminutol: Make the Small Penis Tinier

Wives with wimp husbands that they cuckold have no use for their husband’s penis. Shrinking cuck hubby’s already small penis is sure to entertain her. And further remind him that his only value is in the paycheck he turns over to her.

The microscopic penis will be almost impossible to masturbate. But it’ll be fun to know that the pathetic man is trying. Any orgasm that he does achieve will be feeble compared the wild sex she’s having with her boyfriend.


Many truly submissive would take penis shrinking medication because they know they deserve it. And desperately hope it will please the woman who despises them.

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Better Anal Sex For Cuckold Husbands

For many cuckolding wives having their boyfriend or “bull” sodomize their cuck hubby is a special treat. Vaganus is pill taken daily that will enable the wimp husband to accommodate the bull’s massive penis. Recommended by experienced cuckolding wives everywhere.


Brut-al Discipline Queen

Brut, For the Unconventional Connoisseur introduces the magazine’s Discipline Queen, a topless model with a whip.

Topless Dominatrix Whip

Originally posted 2012-11-13 13:24:28.

The Woman Who Hates Penises

This woman is certainly taking out her frustrations on this phallus.

Woman Hates Punishes Hits Hurts Penis

This photograph has to tie into someone’s fantasies.

Submissive Man Spanked After Work

On weekdays this submissive male is spanked by his dominant girlfriend (or Mistress Wife) as soon as he comes home from work. This restores him to the mindset that the woman is always the superior.

Submissive Male Spanked After Work