Female Led Penis Control & Manipulation

Penis control: judged by many to be the most fundamental element of female domination of the male.


The submissive man or male slave’s orgasms are regulated. Normally he is chaste but allowed occasional orgasms for good service and humble behavior. Some males are permanently and perpetually died orgasms for the rest of their lives.


Tease and denial creates urgent need. His unsatisfied sexual cravings becomes almost anguish. Tease and denial can be playful or punitive.


Penis whippings are perfect punishments. This most sensitive orgasm is durable and can endure the most painful discipline.

What is Femdom Trample Fetish?

Femdom trample fetish is a visually explicit demonstration of the power exchange between dominant woman and submissive or enslaved man.


The man is flat on his bat on floor or platform. A woman or multiple women walk across his body. The tips of their heels press into his flesh.


Trample fetish sounds dangerous, even life threatening. While some men hunger for risk and court injury most women who trample on men are careful and cautions.


The man is walked on. The woman doesn’t jump up and down or dig her heels carelessly into his body. Many practitioners of trample fetish actually wear safe, flat footwear.

The women mind their balance, many having a wall nearby to help them trample the man safely.

Wallowing in Her Piss

As she had instructed me my brain went down and yet further down. I couldn’t imagine speaking or moving.

I knelt, not knowing what might come next.

She said “Your new life will begin.

“Pull that stool into the closet.”

I obeyed.

Then she handcuffed my arms behind me. She grabbed the heavy sandpaper and put it on the stool. Ordering me to sit she grabbed my testicles and locked them tightly to the stool forcing me to sit and shut the door. Alone in the dark I tried to rise but could not. The scraping across my buttocks was held back by the jerk on my balls as tried to move away.

Unable to relax I tried helplessly to balance the pain on my bottom against the pain between my legs I was insoluble. I sat there in the dark fidgeting, hoping to rest but unable to.

Steadily I grew both more tired and tense.

Finally the closet door opened. She unlocked me and without speaking pulled me by my balls behind her. She took me outside and had me kneel on the ground beside the back porch. I found myself locked tightly in place.

As I sat there she raised her dress and pissed on me. Her urine traced across my head, face and body. Saying nothing she went inside and left me outside and alone stinking.

I sat on the dirt wondering how long I’d be left alone in my own backyard.

It seemed a very, very long time as I lay there helplessly in the dark. Finally the back door opened. And she pissed on me again. Then she unlocked me from the porch and yanked me behind her back into the house.

She dragged me to the bathroom and ordered me into the tub. Locking me in place she told me that the tub was where I’d sleep that night. I lay there in her stench unable to relax or get comfortable.

Waiting to learn what would come next.

Continued in Part 8.

A chapter in the Her Property series.

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Owner / Property : Titles

I was licking her boots when she said “Stop!”

“Sit up on your knees but keep your head bowed. Do not speak unless invited to.”

“For the next week you aren’t my lover. You aren’t my pet. You are my slave but that won’t be your title. Nor am I your Goddess. I am your Owner. You are my property.”

“What am I? Answer.”

“My owner.” She kicked my right knee.

“What are you? Answer.”

“Your property.” She kicked my left knee.

“If you had the proper mindset you wouldn’t be wondering why you were kicked. But I know you: you wonder why.”

“You will learn how to speak as property.”

“I forbid you to use pronouns or adjectives. You will use nouns and verbs. Nothing else.”

“You should have said ‘Owner, owner.’ Property can never say my because property has nothing. Never address your owner without using your owner’s title.”

“You probably think you should have said ‘Property’s owner.’ But property has nothing. You must say ‘Owner of property.” Never use the possessive.

“Unless I tell you to use other words. Spoken protocol may change by day or hour. I may call you many things. You exist only to please my whims.”

End of Part 3

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Cruel Seductress

An Evening of CBT

Her hot breath on my ear, could anything be sexier. When I turned to look she had on those lovely white stockings and frilly short dress. School girl godesss incarnate she was.

“Hey there, why don’t you come follow me.” No man could’ve refused.

She led me to the bedroom and pointed at chair, “Why don’t you see down and relax.” Sitting at my feet she reached up and caressed my crotch. “Feel good, handsome.” It felt so good all I could do was look at her mouth and wait for an invitation to drop my pants.

She got up and walked behind me. As her soft palms rubbed the back of my neck I felt every skin cell in my body flash to battle stations ready.

She licked an ear and asked, “You ready lover?” Before I could find enough voice to say yes I felt something slip around my neck. A choke collar.

She laughed as straps locked my arms and leg into place.

“I can play you any day of the week can’t I? You are one natural born sucker hoping that I am.”

She unbuttoned my shirt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down.

A rarely used ball parachute encircled my scrotum.

“Please don’t do that to me tonight.” I was fool to plead. She only laughed again.

“Why lover man, because you are man and I’m a woman? You have needs is that it? Well honey tonight you are going to get it.”

She added a couple of weights to the parachute. They barely hurt, just holding that part of me taut.

“Oh yeah, you won’t forget tonight.” Then a couple more of the little weights. Just enough to provoke a momentary whimper.

Her hands ran along my legs. I tried to sit still but my hormones betrayed me. When I moved the weights moved as well. I moaned helplessly.

“You need it don’t you, baby.” I felt like I was trapped in a bad porn movie made in hell.

“Let me help you out.”

The top of her shoe rubbed across my penis. It felt good. I relaxed, enjoying it. Silly fool. She crushed it into the wooden bottom of the chair. I couldn’t choke down the sob.

“You having as much fun as I am?” Er, no but I wasn’t fool enough to say so.

She stood in front of me slowly weaving her hips. As I recovered my eyes fastened on those hips and the belly button above. She was like a snake charmer.

“I forgot to tell you that I added a Cialis to your handful of vitamins. Makes a man long lasting they say. I want my lover man to last a long time tonight.”

From a side table she picked up a Watertenberg Pinwheel. As she gently rolled it across my chest and belly I felt more randy than ever. More so as it ran up and down my cock. Until she applied a tiny bit more pressure, then one winced merged into another. No one prick hurt that badly but cumulatively it was agonizing. Once again my mind was off in a different space, time went away and her chuckles seem to come from very far away. Then it stopped.

“What a mess and so unsanitary. You wait right there.” She was gone and back quickly. “You know I’ve read that lemon juice is a great disinfectant.” It is but I knew that wasn’t why she’d brought it.

“Plaything you are getting too noisy. What will the neighbors think?” I’d often wondered why they’d never called the police. She grabbed a dirty old sock, shoved most of it into my mouth and used a bit brace to keep me from spitting it out. The stench was almost as bad as the pain.

As drops of lemon juice dripped on me from base to glans I shut my eyes. Each little bruise left by the pinwheel seemed to burst into flame.

“Oh, what a lovely purple but I’d prefer a darker shade.” For a moment as I opened my eyes I thought I saw a pretty panther stalking her prey.

From a side table she picked up a tiny flogger.

“How does this strike you?” Normally that little flogger never felt like much but with every nerve sensitized it hurt as badly as her steel tipped whip.

“Tell you what, if you can take me you can have me. About a half an hour from now.”

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My Punishment

Like the occasional golden shower, the crop was something I endured but didn’t really like to much. But accepting the demands of my evil little Goddess Francesca was my lot in life. Honestly speaking, I really wouldn’t have it any other way! Goddess Francesca always knows just how to use me. She knows when I need a good punishment session, even though I will be in pain for weeks from her severe disciplines! Goddess Francesca knows how to cause those deep guttural moans and groans to escape my lips as she deep fucks me long and hard using her favorite monster dildos! Goddess knows exactly how long to stay seated on my face as she rides on my mouth and tongue through countless orgasms, having me work both of her holes! Goddess Francesca is also very adept to inflicting lots of pain to my cock and balls when she is in the mood for some agonizing torments! And Her wicked little mind never fails to come up with new ways of punishing, teasing, and tormenting my bound body! She is always trying out new toys, gadgets and techniques that she has acquired from various sources!

Suddenly out of the silent darkness there came a deep dulling ache in my balls as Goddess Francesca had a firm grip and was squeezing them harder and harder! I moaned in agony as the aching deepened! She just gently squeezed my balls very firmly and did not let up!

“What should I do with my precious slave pet? I think you need to endure a nice long punishment scene I am afraid, as you know better than to be sniffing my dirty panties from the hamper!”

Goddess Francesca was correct, I had been sniffing her panties, and that would most likely be something Goddess usually condoned had it not been for my other hand masturbating while I inhaled her intoxicating scent! It had been two weeks since I was last allowed an orgasm, and I just couldn’t take it any longer! I waited until that moment when Goddess Francesca was outside working on her garden, and I thought I could get a quick release before she came back in, but Goddess Francesca knows me too well, and probably sensed I was up to no good!

This was why I had come to be secured face down to the whipping horse in the first place! I knew from past torments that I was in for a long and severe punishment session this time! So now laying helpless, naked, face down, ass raised and legs spread, and Goddess Francesca squeezing my balls till they were blue! This was her way of telling me how severe my punishment session was going to be! The longer and harder she squeezed, the longer and harsher my punishment would be!

I watched as Goddess Francesca retrieved the paddle and a crop. Both of which would be used to set my ass on fire this time! I knew that after she was done it would be very hard to sit down for a while!

Goddess Francesca then brought out the inflatable butt plug and a red rubber ball gag. First she held the butt plug to my lips and told me to get it good and wet! I tried to coat it by licking and sucking on it, but Goddess pulled it from my mouth only after a few seconds!

“Now now there slave, this IS a punishment session you know, I want to make you feel some pain you know!”

I almost wanted to laugh at her remarks, if she only knew how much pain that inflatable butt plug really caused me, lubed or not! But then again, I am sure she probably did know, or else she wouldn’t have chose such an evil toy! The plug could expand as big as her wrist, and then if I moved at all with it widening my rectum like that, the shifting of my body would cause me even more pains down there!

Then I felt the wet tip against my asshole, and without any warnings, Goddess stuffed that butt plug in deep and hard in one massive thrust! She then began to pump the bulb causing the toy to grow and press against the walls of my rectum! I did manage to let out a couple of low moans that turned to whimpers as the ever expanding toy increased to it’s maximum size! Just to emphasize her point even more, Goddess Francesca squeezed my balls again, and this made my moans even louder!

“I see what we have to do next my slave! I figured you would be very vocal during this punishment session!”

Next, Goddess Francesca grabbed a stool and placed it right in front of my face. She then removed her panties and sat down on it right in front of me. She grabbed my head and told me to start licking! Once she started moaning and coming close to own pleasurable moment, she let go of my head moved away a few inches! Next, Goddess Francesca was holding the red ball of the gag in her hand and started to rub it up and down her wet slit! Then she inserted it into her hole and proceeded to rub her clitty as her orgasm approached. Her moans grew louder as I watched her body quake from her self induced orgasm!

As she subsided from her pleasure, she pulled the red ball from her very wet hole and pushed into my mouth! After attaching the gag to my head, she got up and moved the stool away.

“This should keep you quiet slave, and we will come back to your tongue and mouth so you can clean up my juices you made down there. And I am sure you will have some mess of your own to clean up too! You wanted to masturbate even though I didn’t allow it then! Well, I am going to allow it now, and I plan to milk all of the cum from your cock and balls today! And Yes slave, you will be licking it all up too, no matter how many times I can get you to orgasm!”

There I lay, helpless to do anything but ponder those vivid scenes that Goddess Francesca has promised, and knowing my Goddess they will be every bit as intense as she has described, and usually more so!

Goddess picked up the paddle and disappeared behind me now. Then without any warnings at all, a hard swat pierced the air as the paddle landed squarely on my buttocks! Then another and another. Now she was swatting away, going from one cheek to the other, over and over again. Each hard swat caused my hips to jerk and that in turn pushed my bound ass higher with each blow! But it was the other pain that was a reaction to each swat that made me moan into the gag, the huge inflatable butt plug was pushing hard against the walls of my butt each time my hips would jerk from a swat of the paddle!

The paddling was steady, and I could feel the burning of my flesh, so I new my cheeks were getting redder with each swat! Over and over the paddling continued. I lost track of the time and was beginning to feel the numbness on my butt from the prolonged spanking session. Then Goddess Francesca just started to really swat hard! This really made me jerk in my bondage! She was hitting me with all of her strength now, really leaning into each blow! I was crying openly, the tears running down my face! All the while Goddess was orally chastising me for being so disobedient!

Fortunately for me, the paddling had stopped. I soon realized that Goddess Francesca had placed the stool back in front of my tear streaked face. Next she unstrapped the ball gag and wiped my face dry with a towel she had nearby.

“There now slave, I can’t very well have you getting my thighs all wet with your tears now can I?” “I expect you to devote all of your oral attentions to me for the next hour or so, because I want you to bring me off three times slave, is that clear?”

I mumbled out a yes reply, followed by the necessary thank you Goddess response!

Eating out Goddess Francesca was hardly a punishment, even for an hour at a time! She truly tasted delicious, and I was intoxicated by her heavenly scent anyway! This would be pure pleasure on my part to lick and suck her pussy through three orgasms! But, then I saw Goddess pick up her riding crop and I now knew that there was going to be some catch!

“And slave, just to keep your mind on your work, I am going to give you ten swats of the crop every ten minutes, so, it would be best on your part to give me the best oral servitude you can muster! But, I can wait as long as it takes too, so however you want it slave!”

I started sucking and licking Goddess Francesca the best I could! I licked her slit from bottom to top, and jabbed my tongue deep into her hole. Then I would swirl it around her clit, and lick her slit some more. I also sucked on her lips and gently teased her pussy licking and sucking around her clit, but not giving this little sensitive nub any attention just yet! That would come later as her moans increased and her hips started to pump!

But all too soon, I felt the first of many stinging swats of the crop! Her swats shot through my cheeks as if I was being cut with a knife! I moaned loudly into her pussy! My cries muffled by her cunt, but the sounds reverberating through her crotch! The ten lashes were fast and furious, and then as the pain subsided, I hurriedly licked and sucked with more fury! And it continued that way, over and over, as I worked to give Goddess Francesca three great orgasms! The first of her’s was quick and relatively easy on my part, but the second and her third proved to be much more difficult, as my ass was on fire from a flaming paddling to this cropping every ten minutes! I lost track of all time, and even forgot what orgasm Goddess was on! After nearly two hours, Goddess Francesca’s flood signaled her third orgasm, and as I dutifully cleaned her pussy dry, she took the liberty of giving me one final cropping, and she didn’t stop and ten swats either! She got up from the stool and went around behind me to swat my cheeks from a different angle! I cried out in pain as I had nothing to silence my moans now! Goddess must have felt some compassion because the cropping suddenly stopped!

“You big baby! You need to remember why you are here in the first place slave! It was you who decided to break the rules and disobey me! So, you are getting punished for that, just remember that from now on!”

Next I felt Goddess Francesca’s hands on my balls and stroking my cock. My cock was actually hard, and she was milking the precum from my penis which flows steadily as I orally satisfy her! Then she coated the shaft with the precum and really started pumping my cock harder now!

“Do you want to cum slave boy?” Cum for your Goddess now slave boy!”

Goddess pumped my vigorously and soon I was shooting a nice load of hot cum in her waiting palm! Goddess Francesca brought this up to my mouth, and while holding the back of my head with her other hand, she force fed my all of my cum! Goddess ordered my to lick it all up, and get used to the taste, as this would be the first of many cums I would eat today!

“I am going to milk you dry slave boy! You wanted to cum so badly, well here is your chance! I am going to make you cum till you are dry, till you cannot shoot another drop! And Yes slave boy, you will be eating all of it too!”

After a short break, Goddess returned and was wearing her monster dildo! This toy was fitted to a special thick leather base over a protruding shaft. It was strapped to her waist like any other strapon dildo, but this one was custom built for us by a friend in the leather business! He made the base out of extra thick black leather, and it had a built-in peg which supported the larger dildos! The one Goddess was wearing today was the twelve inch toy! I knew this one well, as it was always borderline unbearable for me to accept both it’s thickness and it’s length! I am sure Goddess Francesca chose it because of that too! After a session with this toy, it was truly hard to walk straight let alone do anything else normally too!

Our friend in the leather business also decorated the base support piece with some very sharp chrome pointed studs! And, the creative talents of our friend also used larger sized pointed studs at the bottom of the base, and they were clustered like two actual sized balls! Once the dildo was secured to the harness, it resembled a huge horse cock, with two equally huge balls, only the balls were a series of sharp pointed metal studs! The smaller sharp studs all around the rest of it resembled pubic hair, and Goddess loved wearing this piece! She would really work at driving the full length of her toys deep into my rectum so that the sharp spikes would contact my flesh! She also knew that the larger ball spikes would have a good chance of hitting my own balls as she slammed into me during her furious anal rape sessions!

It was then that Goddess Francesca’s leather spike covered pubic mound was directly in front of my face again, her hand holding the huge weighty dildo hanging poised and ready for her assault of my asshole! It was a thick shiny 12″ black dildo, and it contrasted nicely with Goddess Francesca’s pale milky white skin! I knew from my past painful experiences just how long those twelve inches would feel, as Goddess Francesca drove the entire length of her dildo deep into my rectum! And despite those vivid memories I could still feel the strange stirring deep within my stomach as I almost ached for the need to be fucked! Soon I would be feeling her deep thrusts has she drove the huge dildo into my depths as hard as she could! Then I would be feeling the pain and the punishment that I deserved as Goddess plowed me hard and deep, not stopping till she was good and ready to! I never knew how long the reamings would last, but they always lasted far longer than I could tolerate, and my asshole would be sore for days following!

Slowly, Goddess Francesca fed me the huge bulbous head of her dildo, hanging like the head of a real cock as she held the toy in one hand and my head with her other hand! Goddess then, kneeling on pillows and straddling the whipping horse, slowly inched that huge punisher into my mouth! I knew it was my job to suck and lick her monster toy, as I also knew if it wasn’t lubricated well enough, it would be much more painful when she started to fuck my asshole with it!

“Well, slave, you had better get this cock good and wet because I am in the mood for some very serious fucking today and this is all the lubing it and you are going to receive!”

I winced as my jaw opened wide to accommodate such a huge penis! I licked the head and started to lick the shaft, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get more than an inch or two of it’s length lubricated! I could move my head at all, and Goddess Francesca controlled her huge cock, so if she didn’t pull it out and allow me to lick the shaft, there would be no way for me to get it lubricated!

“Suck me off, slave! I know you like to eat cum, too bad this one didn’t spurt any, I am sure it could gag you with a huge load of hot cum! So day I am going to have you suck a real cock and really learn how it feels to have a hot load emptied into your mouth as I have my way with you too!”

My cheeks were bulging, and tongue licking as I tried in vain to get this toy very wet! My mouth watered at the dildo’s warm and firm softness, and it’s lifelike contours. Before long my wet drool slicked the first couple of inches of the ribbed rubber shaft, and then Goddess Jennfier slowly withdrew the huge toy and allowed me to slick the shaft with my tongue. I did just that, and when the dildo was covered with wetness, Goddess said it appeared to be ready!

Goddess Francesca walked behind me once again, and this time I felt the butt plug as she deflated the bulb and the pressure subsided! Then the plug was removed from my widened hole, but the hole would soon be stretched even further and deeper than that plug could ever do!

Goddess placed the large inflatable butt plug right in front of my face, on the stool. She said she would come back to that and if I made too much noise while I was being punished, she would use it as my gag! She asked me if I would be able to accept the anal punishments without getting too loud or crying out? She also said that if I were to get too loud, she would stop the fucking and gag me with this used butt plug and I would receive fifty swats with the crop for making her stop! But if I knew I would get too loud, I could accept the gag now before she started, but that she then would start with a full hard thrust too!

I didn’t know which one to take, neither one sounded too good for me anyway! I know I would probably be moaning pretty loudly at some point, but how did I know what was too loud for Goddess Francesca? And, if I had to endure any more punishments to my butt I don’t know if I could take it, especially another fifty hard swats of her crop!

I reluctantly told Goddess Francesca that I thought I couldn’t be too quiet for a hard anal reaming, and that I should be gagged. I hoped that she would find this to be a pleasing response and give me the red rubber ball gag, but I thought wrong! Goddess held up the butt plug and pushed it into my mouth! It was still warm from being imbedded for the last few hours in my hole! Goddess secured it in place and went back to her position behind me.

Soon, I felt the wet tip against my hole, just sitting at the entrance! Then Goddess Francesca grabbed my hips and with a very hard and deep thrust, she drove the massive dildo as deep as it would go on her first thrust! I could only moan as a deep guttural feeling from deep within me tried to escape my lips, but only could be heard as a low moan!

Goddess true to her word just withdrew the dildo the entire length, then repeated over and over driving the huge toy deep with each and every thrust! The louder my moans the harder and further she drove the dildo into me! Then I felt the spikes against my balls and scrotum! Soon, each thrust was punishing my backside and balls with pricks of pain from the spikes! Over and over again Goddess drove the dildo deep inside of me! She was making me feel every inch of her huge thick twelve incher! I was fucked hard and unmercilessly by Goddess. It didn’t let up for a very long time, just thrust after thrust! Goddess didn’t care about speed, just long and deep thrusts, burying the dildo it’s entire length with each thrust! Over and over, I thought I was being drilled in two! The pain was deep, more like an ache than a pain!

I was told it was over an hour that my fucking continued! One brutal deep thrust after another. I was truly fucked senseless!

Here I was, naked, bound face down, bent over the back of a whipping horse, my butt had to be flaming red, and my asshole fucked unmercilessly by my Goddess Francesca! All the while I was gagged I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have a Goddess like Francesca, whom loved her role as my Dominant, and me as her slave. I was committed to her, my body was her’s to do with as she wanted! I longed for these sessions, but regretted them all the same! I was actually more ashamed of myself for disobeying Goddess Francesca than I was at being punished so severely!

True to her word, Goddess Francesca continued to milk my cock and feed me load after load of my own cum! I think I stopped after four orgasms, at least there wasn’t much coming out after that anyway! The huge dildo was left deep inside of me after Goddess grew tired of deep fucking me! And, somehow through it all, I managed to let out a few load moans when Goddess squeezed my balls hard following the fourth orgasm. That she said would cost me and grabbed her crop! Goddess proceeded to setting my ass on fire again, although it was supposed to be only fifty swats, she kept on starting over from one as I was to count them out, but failed when the crop landed on my upper thigh and caused me gasp instead of saying a number! Funny how it was always when we approached the forty to forty-five numbers! I don’t know how many times we started over but my ass can tell you it was plenty!

Goddess Francesca finally removed the dildo from my hole, and the cool air rushing in told me that my hole was plenty dilated! Goddess told me she liked to see it opened like that and would keep working on it to get it to stay open longer! Then she grabbed both of my balls with her hands and squeezed while telling me to never disobey her again! She just kept squeezing, all the while I was agonizing and aching in pain! She just kept talking, orally chastising me and telling me how much worse it will be for me if there ever is a next time or occurrence where I am caught masturbating again!

Goddess Francesca finally released me, and helped me to my feet. I couldn’t really stand anyway, so I just knelt at her feet and kissed her there. Moving up each leg I thanked her for allowing me to be her personal slave, and that I wouldn’t be so selfish again to take matters into my own hands and try to give myself personal pleasure! When I reached her pussy. I inhaled deeply and kissed her there.

Goddess helped me to the bed where she laid down and I gave her another couple of orally induced orgasms!

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