Memories II

Continued from prior entry.

One evening we were sitting, drinking wine and watching TV. Our conversation
rambled over many topics, none of any consequence. We started to talk about
fantasies. I asked her what her favorite fantasy was and to my surprise she
blushed and didn’t want to tell me. Intrigued, I kept coming back to the
question and she kept putting me off. Finally when I asked again she looked at
me and softly told me she was too embarrassed to tell me about it but she would
show me if I was willing. I didn’t know what was coming but I definitely
wanted to find out what her secret might be.

We picked up our wineglasses and she took my hand and led me into the bedroom.
She didn’t say anything, just slowly started to undress me. When I was naked
she had me lay back on the bed. It had a brass headboard and she had me reach
up and grab hold of the headboard. She told me that whatever I did not to let
go of the headboard.

To say that I was excited and intrigued is an understatement. I made a vow to
myself that there was no way I would let go. I doubt that she was thinking
about it but by giving me the ability to get away I had to admit to myself that
this was something I chose to do. I could have stopped it at any point. I
wanted this to happen.

She sat on the edge of the bed sipping her wine, looking at me. I lay there
naked with my arms above my head staring back at her. Neither of us said a
word. Once in a while I saw a smile play across her face and she would softly
run a finger across my chest or leg or arm. I often wonder what she was
thinking as she looked down at me.

When she finished her wine she stood up and slowly started to undress. If
possible I started to become more aroused as I watched her. She looked at me
and chuckled.

She straddled my body, sitting on my belly. She kissed me, her tongue invading
my mouth. Her fingers entwined in my hair, she slowly moved my head so she
could use her tongue to trace around my chin and along my neck. Her tongue
went in my ear and I jerked. It felt like a cross between an electric shock
and being tickled. She stopped, raised herself up and looked at me with a kind
of quizzical look. Then she smiled.

Her fingers tightened in my hair and she turned my head to the side. Fingers
in my hair held my head in place as her tongue attacked my ear. My body bucked
underneath her and moans escaped from my lips. She turned my head so she could
get at the other ear and then back again. I don’t know how long it lasted,
somewhere between a second and forever, but I wasn’t going to let go of the

Finally she stopped, sitting up and looking at me. I lay there trying to catch
my breath. My chest rising and falling as I gulped in air. She was excited, I
could feel her excitement on my stomach. She scooted down my body and her knee
started to slide between my legs. “Spread your legs for me,” she said. I
don’t know why but I was embarrassed as I complied. “Wider.” “I said Wider!”

There I was, flat on my back with my legs open as far apart as I could get
them. She sat between my legs exploring and examining my cock, balls and the
juncture where my legs came together. Yes, embarrassed is the right word.

Suddenly she brought her knee up between my legs, slamming it into my buttocks.
It didn’t really hurt but all I felt was panic, white-hot panic. Any man
knows (maybe women too) the fear I felt at that moment. My legs instinctively
closed as much as they could around her hips. She told me to spread my legs
again. Emotions raced through my being. I knew what she was going to do. I
knew she wouldn’t hurt me on purpose, but what if she made a mistake? It was
all I could do to open my legs. I was timid to say the least. She put her
hands on the insides of my thighs, pushing, to help me along.

Her knee slammed into me again. My legs tried to close again but she was
holding them open. “Keep them open.” Over and over she brought her knee up
between my legs into my buttocks. Each time I could feel the jar through my
body. Each time my legs started to close and I had to work at keeping them

Finally she moved up my body again. She took my cock in her hands and rubbed
her clitoris along its length. My hips came off the bed as I strained to be
inside her. By this time I was probably whimpering I was so aroused and wanted
her to fuck me. Instead, she alternated between using my cock as a dildo and
moving forward over my face so I could lick and suck her. Over and over she
moved up and down my body. I don’t know how many times she came. Every so
often she would stop and rest, sitting on me, grinning like a Cheshire cat,
looking in my eyes, very pleased with herself. Then she would start again.

Eventually she did let me inside. I don’t remember the details of that part
very well. I know I didn’t last too long after being so aroused for so long.

Afterward, as we lay in each others arms, all I could say was that she could
act out her fantasy with me anytime she desired.

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Teacher Student Scenario 2

True Expierence by Ranbir

Over All A Very Impressive Personality & a Dominating & a Strict Teacher kind of Personality like All Over Written On The Face “ I mean business of Teaching hence don’t fool around”.

Well after the exchange of greetings he walks towards the study room & can feel as if she is trying to gauge him. As he is dressed in a Black Trouser with a white shirt & a stripes tie. She looks at him as they reach the room & she signals him to sit down & starts walking up & down the length of the room trying to gather his thoughts & suddenly you asks “ This is your first class & your are late by 5 minutes why? Taken by surprise & he never had realized that he had committed a mistake realizing his agony she further adds to it by coming close to him & literally standing on his head & observing him directly catches the ear lobe of his right ear & drags him up in sitting position on the chair & says “ don’t fool me you totally forgot about the timings isn’t? he replies with his eyes down & said “ Maam Iam sorry “ She uses a little pressure to his ear & starts pulling his head to & fro up & down & say “ So you are S—o—r—r—y , did you forget to eat to sleep NO but you forgot to come on time ? No I will not take this you deserve not only to be punished but to be punished properly “ With that she caught hold of his other ear to in the same manner & started twisting it while verbally scolding him, after 4-5 minutes he can feel the heat coming out of his ears & than she drags him up with his ears only & takes him to the corner & a little roughly places his nose against the wall & with a pencil marks a big round on the wall at approximately 2-3 inches more that his height & orders “ Now hold both your ears & stand straight on your toes & keep your nose inside the round & rub your nose in that round 100 times. If your nose comes out of that round any time you will start over again, Ok Start Now “ Now he started feeling really embarrassed as a big boy was being punished like a small school student & more over it was quite tuff to keep his nose in that round. She comes near him & saw that his face was red with humiliation, his ears were red & burning because they were pulled by her & now he was holding them himself, & also because of that round he had to stand so close to the wall that as result of rubbing his nose against the wall the discomfort was too much she noticed this & gave a wry smile & to increase his discomfort ordered ” Ab kone mein ja kar Murga Ban Jao agar zara sa bhi hile to phir dekhana tumhara kya haal kartien hoon mein”. He goes to the corner & as ordered becomes a Murga.

After another 8-10 minutes she again catches him with left ear & brings him back to his chair, than she holds him with his right ear & with her left hand gives him two resounding slaps with her fingers only on his right cheek & than reversed the position & gave him two slaps on his left cheek too, he gets totally shocked & stunned but now with one hand she catches one of his ears & start pulling it to & fro up & down & started verbally humiliating him & said “ Now do you understand the meaning of forgetting, Remember One more time you are late & Iam going to make you naked take you out on the Balcony & punish you there is that clear” “Yes Maam” he replies & than with a last strong twist she leaves his ear.

Now his face is totally embarrassed humiliated & ashamed red & burning with punishments he looks at her & she to looks in to his eyes & than adding to his humiliations she says “ Next time I mean it I will make you remove all your clothes make you stand naked on the terrace & than punish you. Imagine how it would look a big boy like you being punished naked on the terrace like a small school boy. Tell me would you not be ashamed, hence do not give me a chance again ok be good boy & always come on time “

With that she starts teaching him earnestly. Than for the next ½ an hour nothing happens accept serious teaching than suddenly she got irritated as he was not paying attention & was rather looking at her & could not answer to one of her questions She really got furious & punished him for at least 15 minutes. First she made him stand on the chair holding his ears for 5-7 minutes & somehow forced him to look in to her eyes while holding his ears. Than she made me do uthak-baithaks on the chair itself while holding his ears cross handedly, than she asked him to sit down & as last humiliation she asked him to hold his ears & rub his nose on the table 50 times. After that she asked him to come out of the table & stand in front of her he did & she straight away stared at him & god he was so embarrassed & scared to the core of his heart. He thought she had caught him with his feelings & a hardon but out of scare it immediately subsided & he could breathe properly.

But Apparently she hod noticed it & finally while twisting both his ears she said ” It seems you are enjoying getting punishments from me & are getting hard-ons & erections but do not worry I will see to it that next time you rather do not enjoy it & the punishments are going to be more strict next time”
Anyway realizing his condition & with intention of taking advantage of the situation she suddenly ordered “ Stand up & come here “ with a finger pointing towards her left side. Reluctantly & shamefully he got up & to his shock realized that unfortunately his hard-on was embarrassingly obvious. she knew it & wanted to rather embarrass him further hence repeated “ Be quick get up & come Here “ slowly he dragged himself self towards where she ordered. She was still sitting & boldly looked at his face, with a crooked finger asked him to come near her & when he was at arms distance she caught hold of his right ear with her left hand & started pulling it up & down to & fro & with a ruler in her right hand she poked that ruler straight in to his crotch. Shame on You! Iam punishing you & you seem to be enjoying it “ With that SLAP-SLAP she gave him two resounding slaps on his right cheek. They were quite strong slaps. She said get down on your knees today I will slap out the enjoyments from you. As asked down he sat on his knees & she started slapping him in a rhythm. Right cheek left cheek then right than left & this carried on for a while. In between she was pulling twisting his right ear left ear at times both of them together, & in between also his hair. Now he was feeling the pain on his cheeks plus the burning sensation. After 5-7 minutes of slapping she again looked at him & she caught hold of both the ears & really started giving it a painfull twist & pull & ordered “ Hold your palms in front of you straight & stretched” with that she started giving him severe spanks with the ruler on his palms first right hand than left at least 5 on each hand. Than she slapped him first with both hands on both his cheeks simultaneously & than one by one on each cheek. Just after 5-7 slaps she stopped.
“ Come here kneel down in front of me & press & massage my feet” He went near her & sat down on his knees & she kept one of her feet on his right thigh & gave the other one in his hands to massage, he started massaging her feet when in between she said “ I know you have erection & I hope you remember what I said the other day. Ok Now Kiss & lick my feet, Remember when you are licking my feet I want you to lick it properly with the flat of your tongue like a dog & use pressure with your tongue to lick my feet “ with that she caught hold of both his ears & pulled his face down to lick her feet, she did not leave his ears but was guiding him by giving directions.
With that now he saw her opening her trousers & removing one leg out of it completely. He saw her naked legs & his erection was rock hard with a finger she ordered him to come between her legs but till now he was not sure whether she was wearing her panties or not as the shirt was too long & was covering her crotch. She made him sit between her legs & ordered him to close his eyes he did as ordered, she kept one of her legs on one side of the table & the other leg on the other side & caught hold of his ears & brought his face near her & now he could smell her too which was of her being excited with that she ordered “ Now Lick me like a dog you are start “ & with his ears she guided his head, “ Take out your tongue completely “ He did & now he could taste her , the taste was a quite sweet & good & he carried on .Just after a short while he could feel that she was rubbing herself on his tongue his face nose everywhere & suddenly she shuddered in to a climax while strongly pulling his ears. He could feel his whole face full of her cum like his lips, his nose his cheeks etc everywhere my face was terribly wet with her cum, she said “ No Do not clean your face stand up with hands up go in a corner & rub your nose against the wall “ He stood as ordered & she wore her trousers again & said “ This is the punishment of your erections & while getting excited while Iam teaching you “ & than took his face in her hands & gave him a wet kiss & they both laughed & enjoyed.

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Groveling Male Slave

Every morning this male slave grovels in worship while his Mistress whips him. Thus every day begins with a firm reminder of who is owner and who is owned. Who rules and who obeys.

This is one male slave who never forgets his place.


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Mistress Scarlett: CBT Punishment Part One

It was a sweaty Friday evening at the gym again. Everyone was getting their last bit of exercise in before the weekend splurging. The women were looking awesome in their leotards, short-shorts and various other forms of attire that I knew damn well were invented to tease small-minded males such as myself. I had taken to leaving off my underwear or jock-straps at the gym anymore. And, weird though it may seem, I had also gotten in the habit of shaving hair from my crotch area for that added touch of sensitivity. Just a pair of shorts or long sweatpants separated my dick from whatever machine I could conveniently rub against while looking at one goddess after another.

Female Led CBT

CBT art by Bernard Montogueil

You know the type of women I’m talking about…the ones that make my libido go into overdrive at the mere glance, or, if the air happened to luckily blow my way, the mere scent of their perfume or, a peek at the sweaty shirt they were wearing, or…the definition of their arms, or…the outline of their breasts in the shirts as they jogged on the treadmills.

Anyway, I was doing a set of lat pull-downs at the machine that was well-positioned as far as mirrors go, and spending half my time counting reps, and the other half secretly looking at the veritable breast-o-rama of the row of women on the StairMaster machines. One girl in particular was just beautiful, with brunette hair and blue eyes. Her face was flushed from her exertion, her gray half-shirt soaked wet, and, from the angle of yet another mirror in the gym, I could see that a line of sweat was running down the crack of her ass, soaking everything in its path. Needless to say, I found it very difficult to complete my sets.

Did I say “secretly-looking” before? Well, apparently not. It seems that she had noticed my obvious ogling, and also, the hard- on I had been sporting as a result of her vision because when she finished-up on the StairMaster, she came over to where I was. “Excuse me,” I heard this quiet voice behind me as I pumped on the bicep machine. I turned around and was floored. It was HER, and she was wiping off the sweat around her neck and upper chest, drawing my eyes to those beautiful breasts.

“Oh, h-h-h-hi,” I said with a bit of a smile, actually looking at her eyes when I said it. “Do you want to work in?” I asked her.

“No, I was just coming over to tell you that I and the other women DO NOT appreciate your fucking stares at our bodies. It’s quite unnerving and very rude,” she said, sharply. “Well, to tell you the truth,” I began, “your body is rather unnerving. It is absolutely fantastic, and your —–“, and I didn’t get a chance to finish what particular body part of hers I was about to throw a compliment about when she stepped close to me and smacked her balled-up fist into my un-protected groin (so much for the idea of never wearing underwear in the gym again). I gasped and put my hand out on the nearest machine to steady my legs. I was bent over at the waist, clutching my midship area.

She leaned over to my ear and whispered, “Did you like that, Sweetie? Consider that a down-payment on what you’ve got coming to you. You like my ass? My tits? What part of my body did you mostly think about as you rubbed your worthless prick against the machine?” My eyes opened wide at this and looked at her.

“Yeah, I saw you doing that, Asshole. We women are tuned into you males and all the little tricks you pull. Well? What part, dickhead, was your favorite?” She looked at me with those ice- blue eyes, wearing a smirk on her face, but balling up her other hand and making a squeezing motion as to what she intended to next do to my balls if I made her mad.

“Uh, I’m so sorry for staring at you. That was wrong and rude and I didn’t mean any harm,” were the first words out of my mouth.

“Too damn late for that. You need a good lesson in how to respect women and I’m just the girl who can teach you. Unless, of course, you want me to go to the manager of the gym, a close personal friend of mine AND a woman, by the way, and tell her you’re sexually harassing me and my friends and get your ugly ass kicked-out of here, PERMANENTLY,” she said with emphasis. “Maybe I’ll even call the police on you and have a restraining order put out against you. As a lawyer, I know how to get that done pretty easily. You’ll have a nice, permanent record to contend with. Do you want me to do that, or, do you agree to allow me to teach you manners and how to be respectful of women?”

My throat tightened with her threat, and I fully believed she would think nothing of carrying it through. She exuded that confidence of intending to do things to me already with her swat of my balls, so I was not in a position to second-guess her. “I will do whatever you want, Miss…Miss…I’m sorry, I don’t know your name,” I said.

“Yeah, well, you have the MISS-part right, though not entirely. From this point forward, call me ‘Mistress Scarlett’, got it?” “Yes, Mistress Scarlett.” I said, quietly.

“Good! I’m gonna hit the showers and meet you at the lobby in about 30 minutes? Be there, or I’ll be headed to the manager’s office instead of to my car. Got it?” she said.

“Yes Ma’m,” I said, temporarily forgetting how to address her. She quickly reminded me by raising her left knee and thunking it into my balls, though, I knew, not her full-force capacity. Those legs were way more capable of delivering a lot more, as I would later find out.

“Unggghhhhh….,” I gasped, this time kneeling all the way down to the floor. She stepped to position herself between my legs, and very close to my crotch (in case you were wondering about all the other folks in the gym, the gym had pretty much emptied by then).

“What was that, Dick *(as in, “dickhead”)? What did you call me?” she sneered, imperiously.

I slowly raised my head to look at those ice-blues again and quickly said “I’m sorry Mistress Scarlett. I forgot.”

“Yes, I’m sure you did. And, I’m fairly certain you will forget again in my school for respecting women. Consider yourself in school as of this moment. Consider forgetting how to address me properly to have earned you 25 demerits. Counting that little knee I just gave you, you now have 24 demerits left to work- off,” she grinned evily.

“Yes, Mistress Scarlett,” I said, weakly.

“See you in 30 minutes, slave” she said, walking off.

“Yes, Mistress Scarlett,” I said.

I hobbled off to the men’s room showers, taking care not to jostle my balls, and when I passed a beautiful woman on the way, I hardly noticed them, except to offer a weak smile in their direction, remembering the last time I looked wrongly at a woman. I showered, shaved, dressed, and was out front, waiting on her in about 20 minutes. She came down the stairs looking absolutely stunning. Her hair was brushed smooth and she was wearing a tank-top with blue jeans and pointy white boots. Through the still-throbbing ache of my balls, I felt a little stir in my groin at the sight of her and how sexy she looked. I also realized that my lust was going to cost and cause me a lot more deserved pain before she was through with me.

“Hi!” she said, spying me on the sofa. “Give me a hug,” she said, gaily.

Surprised though I was, I stood up and she wrapped her arms around me tightly, shifting just so as to position her right knee to brush the underside of my pants crotch with it. I winced, which she caught, and she grinned and winked at me. “You have your car here, right? Why don’t you follow me to my house, okay,” she asked, as if I had a choice in the matter at all.

“Yes, Mistress Scarlett,” I said to her, in a quiet voice. She took note of that and nodded approvingly. “Good, you’re learning, slave,” she said. “Let’s go!” she said, walking out. The drive took us about 25 minutes to get to her house. A lot of winding backroads and finally a gravel road took us to who- knows-where. I certainly didn’t recognize the neighborhood and would have gotten quite lost had I not had her in front of me. Anyway, we finally pulled up to a huge house. She parked in the circular driveway, and I pulled behind her. She got out and pointed to a garage behind me. “Park it in there,” she directed, and get your ass inside,” she ordered, with a voice, I noted, that was no longer cheerful towards me.

I parked as she directed and went into her house. “This is the ‘nice-people’ area,” she said, sweeping her arm around the huge foyer and gesturing upstairs. “We won’t be holding class up here. Instead, let me show you the basement, where all of your lessons will be taught. Follow me,” she said curtly, walking towards a doorway leading down a set of stairs. I was still hoping that maybe she wasn’t as serious as she sounded in the gym and wasn’t going to follow-through on her plans for me. She must have read my mind because she stopped at the doorway and turned to me and said “Yes, slave, I’m very serious about this, and just as serious about what I said I’d do if you didn’t do exactly as I said. In fact, since you’re here now, I’ll simply tell the police that you were waiting for me when I came home and tried to rape me. How’s that for serious, slave?” she asked, her eyes narrowed in my direction.

I gulped and said, “Mistress Scarlett, please, I’ll do what you say, don’t call the police,” and I started moving very quickly to the doorway down to the basement.

She turned and walked down the stairs with me quickly behind. We walked through a hallway and she stopped at a small room. “This is the bathroom the original plans called for but the dumbass architect forgot that the sewer line was seven feet above the floor level and I didn’t want to mess with a pump to get the shit out of here. Maybe you’ll be able to help me solve that problem later on,” she said, walking away.

I furrowed my brow and couldn’t figure out what she was talking about. I wasn’t an engineer or a plumber. I shrugged it off and followed her into a larger room. This was a huge room with a refrigerator in one corner, two comfy-looking leather sofas, a variety of chairs, a table and some exercise equipment of various types on one side of the room. Stationary bike, treadmill, free-weight rack with various dumbbells, some weight machines with pulleys and a sit-up machine. A closet was situated near the refrigerator, along with a tool cabinet, and in the middle of the room, what appeared to be a crude replica of some old fashioned-stocks from age-old centuries. There were some other things I didn’t immediately recognize also in the corner.

She looked at me as I took it all in. “Yes!” she laughed. “This is MY dungeon, slave, complete with every exercise torture device ever offered on late-night TV. I’m fairly certain we’ll be able to use some of the equipment to help you in your school lessons,” she said, again with that evil grin.

I nodded, bewildered at whatever she could possibly be implying. She walked back to where I was standing and said “take off all of your clothes and put them in that garbage bag,” she said, motioning to a roll of them.

I didn’t hesitate, stripping off all clothes as she ordered, and stuffing them into a bag. She picked-up the bag, tied it off and threw it in a corner of the room. “Forget you have clothes here, slave,” she ordered. “You won’t be needing them this weekend.”

“Yes, Mistress Scarlett, ” I said, automatically.

“Hmm,” she said, looking at my crotch. “Gee, slave, you certainly don’t look as horny as you were in the gym when you were looking at my body on the stair machine. Wonder what’s wrong? Am I not attractive anymore to you?” she asked with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Oh no, Mistress Scarlett. You’re very beautiful,” I quickly answered her.

She nodded and said, “Well, I’m going to give you a little treat then,” and lifted-up her tank-top in one swift motion to expose, not bra-entwined breasts, but full, naked, bouncing breasts with suckable nipples crowning each of them.

My mouth went agape. They were even more beautiful than I imagined from the gym. My cock instantly bounced-up its approval with a quickly growing hard-on…a mistake I was quickly made aware of.

She watched my dick grow quickly from the southern-pointing direction to horizontal inside of 15 seconds and quickly put her shirt down, covering-up her breasts from my view. She glared at me. “Did I give you permission to get a hard-on in my presence, SLAVE???” she yelled at me.

“N-n-n-n-no, Mistress Scarlett. I’m sorry,” I said, hastily, now realizing what she intended. I tried to force my hard-on to go away by thinking of unattractive women I has seen before, but got caught back up in the thinking of Mistress Scarlett’s breasts again. Too late.

She stepped-up to me and pointed at my still throbbing dick, and said “I see your balls need another lesson in the respect of women.”

I cringed at what was coming next, but attempted to brace for the path of her arching kick. Her boot caught me full in the balls, which were on the small side to begin with, but had been trying to crawl back into my body in a desperate attempt to escape the impending onslaught of her toe-boot. No luck. I yelled in agony and went down hard, covering my quickly swelling nuts. I rolled around on the floor, trying to keep from throwing-up.

She stood above me triumphantly. “Well, how’s that hard-on now, slave?” she asked. “Show it to me. Move your hands out of the way,” she said, reaching down to see for herself.

My balls were aching badly, but I still had a bit of an attention-getting hard-on, much to her’s and my surprise.

“Hmmm maybe it’s not your balls that need a lesson, but your dick, huh, slave?” she asked, rhetorically, because she wasn’t expecting an answer from me anyway.

“Get up, slave” she said, reaching in-between my legs and pushing my hands aside to grip my sore balls herself. She squeezed and pulled me onto my knees and dragged me over to the stocks device, ignoring my yelps and moans. She told me to kneel in front of the stocks and got on the other side of the device so as to have better access to the locks. I then noticed that these stocks were slightly different in that there was a hole at the bottom of the contraption that seemed to line-up with my groin area.

She reached down to that exact location and unlocked the hole, exposing a kind of cradle that extended outwards. “Put your dick through that hole and place it on the support,” she ordered, pointing at the cradle.

I shuffled my knees forward and stuck my still-throbbing dick where she told me. “Move all of the way forward until your knees are flush against the bottom. Sit up on your knees straight and push yourself forward until your dick is extended all the way in, ” she directed me.

I complied, though doing it gingerly so as to not risk bouncing my testicles anymore than I needed to. She walked around behind me and said “Lift up your arms above your head and reach high.” She then snapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists and said “Don’t move, slave.” She got a ladder and used it to reach for something in the ceiling. It was a hook attached to a rope attached to a pulley which was attached to a floor joist. The other end of the rope also had a hook on it and was brought down to a level a little above my waist. She walked over to the tool cabinet and extracted some rubber bands and a small length of clothesline cord. She walked back to where I was kneeling, arms still above my head.

She reached-up and hooked the handcuffs to the uppermost hook and then leaned down to grab my nutsack behind me. I let out a yelp of pain to which she answered with “Honey, you don’t know what pain is yet,” and laughed out loud.

She doubled-up on the rubberbands and slipped them over my balls and wrapped the clothesline around them firmly, making and pulling a slipknot tight around them. She then yanked my balls up and lined the clothesline up with the crack of my ass and tied it to the other hook from the ceiling, with no slack in the cord. I now could not bring my arms down for fear of ripping off my already tortured balls.

She stepped back and looked at her handiwork. She walked around in front of me, and pulled-up a chair to sit right in front of me and my dick. She walked back over to the tool cabinet and retrieved a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She sat down in front of me with a satisfied smile.

“Well, well, well. You are now in quite the predicament, aren’t you, slave? Can’t bring your arms down, and if you try to back your dick out of it’s slot, you will also place pressure on your balls,” she said, clucking her tongue in fake sympathy.

“Well, now I think you’ve deserved a longer look at my tits, so, I’m going to give it to you,” she said, taking off her tank top in one motion and throwing it in my surprised face. The shirt fell away to reveal those awesome breasts again for my eyes. She spread her legs in the chair but did not take off her jeans, giving me that little “Uh-uh, no pussy yet, little man” look. My dick started throbbing immediately, much to my chagrin, but Mistress Scarlett gave a surprising answer to it.

“It’s okay, slave. This time, I want that dick as hard as you can get it. Really” she said, reaching for the cigarette pack and extracting one. She flicked the lighter and lit it and took a big drag on it.

“Yeah, I know, these are bad for me, but I exercise and eat well, so, one bad habit is okay. For me, anyway. Not so much for you, probably, huh?” she asked.

I was about to respond when she suddenly leaned forward and flicked the hot ash directly onto the head of my dick. I screamed at the sudden heat applied. I also jerked my dick back in response to the pain and promptly experienced the yank on my nuts from above, causing me to jam my dick back into the hole… whereupon it ran right back into the hot end of her cigarette, which she apparently positioned because she anticipated my reaction perfectly.

I screamed even louder than before because suddenly I was touching the raw heat of the cigarette and begged her, “Please, PLEASE, NO! Take it away! I’ll do anything you want, Mistress Scarlett! AGHHHHHHHH!”

She just smiled and calmly removed the heat, but only to take another drag, and she put that end of the cigarette right back down to flick the ash back onto the dick, but this time, the foreskin got burned. I gritted my teeth and held my dick in place, suffering the slow cooling of the ash as it burned it’s heat away on my dick.

“So, how do my tits look now, slave?” Mistress Scarlett asked, winking at me.

“Great, Mistress Scarlett,” I whimpered. “Yeah, I see that, slave. Your dick is still hard,” she responded, shaking her head. “I can see you’re going to be a tough student to train, slave, but, it’ll be worth it to tame that lust of yours.” I was crying now from the pain of the hot ash and singeing I got from the lit end. She continued to smoke and flick the ash onto and around all of my exposed dick, and my dick remained hard as a rock throughout the torture.

She was getting near the end of the cigarette, took one look at my dick, took one look at the rest of her cigarette. She got up, and without warning, lifted my dick up and shoved the cigarette underneath it, then mashed it down on top of the still- lit cigarette.

I screamed at the unbelievable onrush of pain as she used her hands to mash the underside of my penis onto the lit cigarette, crushing it out.

“There, wasn’t that special” she sneered, observing my drained look and anguish on my face. Oh, god, my dick hurt, and, it wasn’t throbbing too much anymore. The red-hot heat quelled the sex interest pretty much right away.

She was breathing hard from obvious lust at causing and seeing me suffer, and I was breathing hard from the agony of having a burnt cock. Then, she reached over and extracted a second cigarette to light it up. My eyes opened in amazement and horror because there appeared to be a lot more in store for me. Just then, I also heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and a female voice that called out, “Yoo-hoo! Scarlett! Are ya down here?”

“Yes, can’t you hear my new trainee’s screams of pain up there?”, Scarlett responded to this new woman. They both laughed out loud at that one and I realized something worse was likely coming into my future.

To be continued …

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Punished With Pain & Total Male Chastity

Locked in Kali’s Teeth: Painful Male Orgasm Denial

When Chastity climbed off Charlie’s face after She had cum, She noticed that his eyes were red and teary. Whether over pain or humiliation, Chastity wasn’t sure. She WAS sure, however, that he had gotten an erection—several, in fact—because of the muffled cries he made while his face was smothered between Her thighs. It pleased Her that he wasn’t able to control them yet. But it pleased Her even more that, in order to avoid the pain of the “Kali’s Teeth Device,” Charlie would HAVE to learn to control them.

“Well, Charlie,” said Professor Payne, standing with Her hands on Her hips beside the bed, “you no know how the Device works.”

“Please take it off,” the young man sputtered, his former cockiness totally gone. “Please!”

“Reduced to begging are we?” She said, with triumphal sarcasm.


“Why?” Chastity cut in. “Because you don’t know how to USE it properly. So we’re not going to let you use it at all,” She said.


“you can’t ejaculate with the Device on.”

Charlie post could not reply to such an outrageous statement. he just lay there, staring at Her in disbelief.

“Erections won’t be much fun either,” Professor Payne continued. “you’ll have to learn to control them.”

Her last words seemed to do the trick. his jaw tightened and he gave a violent jerk at the scarves.

“Untie me!” he yelled.

“Is that an ORDER?”

he paused.


She smiled. “That’s better. But before I do, I want to warn you. If you so much as even TRY to touch Me, I’ll go for your crotch. And I don’t think you want Me to do that, now do you?”

Charlie just shook his head.

Chastity talked while She undid the knots.

“I want you to come to My office on Monday,” She said. “It’s in the Humanities Building, Second Floor, Room Two-O Three. My office hours are Ten A.M. till Noon. Be there at ten.”

When She finished freeing Charlie’s arms, Chastity had him undo the other knots himself while She, on the other hand, returned to the bathroom to out Her street-clothes back on.

Still naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, Charlie examined the metal Device that had caused him so much agony. The stainless steel and was about a half-inch wide. Charlie grasped the, now, soft head of his penis and stretched. To his utter horror, the entire inside of the Device was lined with metal teeth. They HAS to be sharp, he guessed, in order to have caused so much pain. But there was no blood! None! The he saw the tiny keyhole, similar to that found on handcuffs. Feeling a wave of panic, he grabbed the edges of the hellish Device and tried to pull the damn thing apart. Nothing happened! he tried again, with the same result.

“It’s locked, Charlie, so you might as well quit trying,” Chastity said.

he jerked his face up to Her. She was standing in the doorway, wearing what She had worn in the bar.

“So, do you want Me to take you home or do you want to go back to ‘Peabody’s’…” She paused. “And brag to your buddies?”

With a demanding whimper that undercut the demand, Charlie said, “Where’s the key?”

Professor Payne let out a soft chuckle. “That’s none of your business. Now put your clothes back on.”

he just glared at Her.

“you’d better hurry, Charlie,” Chastity said with a slight smile, “or I’ll make you service Me again.”

Putting on his pants, Charlie said, “i can go to the police.”

“And what are you going to tell them? That a tenured Woman college professor snapped a Device around your cock?” Her smile broadened. “I would love to see you drop your pants for them. No, Charlie,” Professor Payne continued, “you won’t go to the police. you’d be too embarrassed. Besides, I would deny even knowing about it. And if I don’t KNOW anything about it, Charlie, then how AM I going to take it off?”

The young man said nothing in return but just finished getting dressed in silence while Chastity looked on.

No one was home when Charlie entered the house after Chastity dropped him off. reminding him once more about his Monday appointment. It was just a little after midnight. The other guys wouldn’t be dragging in till two or three. That gave him at least two hours to try and jimmy the lock. All he could find that might work was a paper clip. he went upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door. Then he took off his pants and his underwear and, sitting at his desk, he began to wiggle the wire around inside the keyhole. Each time Charlie wiggled the wire and then tried to open the Device, his feeling of panic grew. After well over a dozen attempts, he was sweating and shaking all over. Now, feeling desperate, he elongated his penis as much as he could and tried to slide the thing off. That didn’t work either. The teeth were pressing too tightly against the soft folds of his limp dick; but not enough to cause pain nor, even, discomfort. It seemed as if there were no teeth at all!

After nearly an hour’s worth of struggle to jimmy the lock, Charlie let out a wail of frustrated anger. he wanted to slap the fuck out of that professor bitch. But because of the Device, Charlie knew he couldn’t. The safety of his cock was more important than giving in to his rage. The bitch COULD do a serious number on his prick if he tried to force Her to hand over the key. That much he knew. He also knew why the prof had singled him out. It was those bitches who had plastered his name over the bathroom walls.

Sometime during the night, Charlie heard the boys laughing downstairs. For a split second he thought that they were laughing at him, until he realized that that’s what they always did after coming back from downtown. Ordinarily, Charlie would be right down there with them, that is, unless he’d picked up a foxy chick. Charlie wondered, as he lay there in the dark, how big a lie he would tell the guys tomorrow morning. I mean, now he was balling professors. The guys would love to hear all the details.

“Oh shit,” he whispered. “If i tell’em, and She finds out…She’ll….She’ll never take it off.”

he realized, now, that his lie would have to be much less titillating. They left the bar, had a few drinks somewhere else, he popped the question and She got cold feet.

“So i came back,” Charlie whispered again, just to hear how it sounded.

It didn’t sound like him. The guys would wonder why he didn’t just come back to ‘Peabody’s.” And because they wouldn’t believe him, they’d keep bringing it up, over and over, knowing there was something he was hiding, something that they wanted to know. Telling them that the Woman’s rejection had sent him home like a dog with its tail between its legs was just too far out of character for a guy like Charlie. So the first thing was to make his buddies promise not to tell. Then he would give them the story they wanted to hear.

Charlie was dreaming about tying the naked Professor Bitch to Her bed an attaching four or five clothespins to each breast and more to the insides of Her thighs, and then, while She’s squirming over the cruel pinching, climbing up onto the bed and moving to Her face with a rock-hard cock that needed a blow-job, when at that moment, he snapped awake to a hard-on throbbing with an indescribable pain. To keep from making any noise, in fact, Charlie had to stuff the edge of his pillow in his mouth. The worst of the pain lasted just a few moments, that is, until his cock began to bid a hasty retreat from the prick of the teeth. Charlie removed the pillow from his mouth. he was breathing hard and quaking with anger.

“That fuckin’ bitch,” he muttered under his breath, his rage barely under control. “That goddamn fuckin’ bitch.”

Charlie looked at the clock. It was six-thirty. The other guys wouldn’t be rolling out of the sack for at least another four hours. Lying there in the semi-dark, the young man realized what he had to do. And it could not wait until Monday.

After another two hours of fitful sleep, Charlie couldn’t stand just lying there in bed anymore, unable to play with his cock if he wanted to. he knew that he had to go back to Professor Payne’s apartment this morning and try to work out the problem. Charlie also realized, however, that he would need to change his attitude, admit to the charges that appeared on the bathroom walls. he would turn over a new leaf. In other words, he would try to give an academy award performance.

While in the shower (he had the whole bathroom to himself), Charlie soaped his crotch as carefully as he could. As the warm water cascaded over his body, he felt that familiar tingle in his balls, he wanted to play with himself. he wanted to get an erection. Charlie figured that the soap and everything might make the teeth slippery enough to pull his dick out of their mean grip. he lathered up his hands real good and squeezed the head of his pecker, then he stretched it. But the moment he tried to move the Device up his shaft, he felt the sharp scrape of the teeth and immediately let go. With an angry desperation Charlie, then, tried to beat off in the shower. he imagined sneaking into the Woman’s place while She was still asleep, holding the same scarves that She had used to tie him to the bedposts. Charlie, of course, pictured Her naked. After slapping the prof a few times just to let Her know that She’d better not resist, he secured Chastity’s hands and feet to the posts, then asked where She kept Her candles. She refused to tell him. he bit one of Her nipples. Charlie asked once more. Through tears, She told him.

Now we’re going to play ‘Hot Wax,’ he imagined saying, but even as the sadistic words passed through his brain, the pain of the teeth hit like a sledge hammer, doubling him over. Charlie had never imagined that such a pain could come to his prized possession, a teeth-grinding pain, a pain unlike any other.

“i’m gonna kill’er,” he said quietly, his jaw tight. “i’m gonna kill’er.”

Chastity was sitting in the love-eat in front of the bay windows wearing Her striped robe and drinking coffee, reading the Saturday TIMES, when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting anyone, especially this early in the morning.

When She recognized who it was through the glass-paneled front door, She smiled. But a moment before Chastity opened it, She clicked into a haughty mood, wanting Charlie to know right off the bat that She was annoyed at the disturbance.

“i-i’m sorry, i…” he began.

“you ought to be,” Chastity snapped back before he could finish. “I TOLD you when I wanted to see you.”

“Yeah… yeah, i know, but-but i jes wanted to come over and … You know…tell You how sorry i am for the way i acted last night.”

Her expression softened a bit.

“Really,” She said, with some sarcasm. “I thought you acted just fine.”

“Well…i mean i-i yelled at You and…”

“It’s chilly standing here, ” Professor Payne cut in once more. “Why don’t you come inside.”

“Thanks, Professor Payne,” said Charlie, a paragon of politeness.

Chastity smiled. Charlie’s new-found manners delighted and amused Her. If having to spend just one night in “Kali’s Teeth” could do this to a guy like Charlie, She whimsically wondered what having to spend a week in it, or two, might do.

“Want some coffee?” She asked.

“If….If You don’t mind.”

She sent him a wry Grin. “This is hard for you, isn’t it?”

Naturally, he played dumb.

“Wh..whattaya mean?” “All this sweetness and politeness. you’re just trying to butter me up to see if I’ll take off the Device.”

Charlie gave Her a pained look.


“But-but it hurts.”

“It’s SUPPOSED to,” She replied, Her tone and expression, severe. “That’s why you’re wearing it. Now why don’t you go sit down, and I’ll bring you some coffee.”

After She handed Charlie his cup, Chastity returned to the love-seat and crossed Her legs.

“All right, Charlie, now tell Me why you’re REALLY here?”

“i–i jes wanted to find out if there was somethin’ i could say or–or do or…what i mean is, i’m sorry about what i did to Carla. It-it was wrong.”

“Well, I’m glad you finally realize that,” said Chastity. Then She sipped Her coffee.

“So–so what i was thinking i could do was …. well..well, You know, go over to Carla’s place a-and, like, apologize.”

“I think you should, too,” She said.

“And then maybe if i do that you’ll…?”

“I know what you’re going to say, Charlie,” Chastity cut in. “And the answer is no. I mean, it’s nice of you to want to apologize, but the fact is, you’re going to have to do a LOT more than that before we allow you to cum again.”


“Myself and the ‘Goddess Teeth Underground’,” Professor Payne replied. “It’s a militant wing of the Gynosupremist Council. Our goal is to ‘tag’ and then to reeducate men who We regard as Class B males. you’re probably more familiar with popular term.” She paused. “Sexist pigs.”

Charlie could not believe his ears. he just sat there and stared at Her.

“In your case, it was very easy to find you. your name is in every bathroom.”

Chastity calmly sipped Her coffee.

“Now…now wait a second,” he began, his voice trembling a bit. “A-are You saying Yer not gonna take this-this thing off?”

“Not until you’ve performed certain…TASKS of atonement, as We call them.”

“Like…like what?” he answered, sullen.

“Like offering your mouth to any Woman who wants to use it,” She said.

Charlie said nothing.

“OR lending yourself out as an escort service for Women who might want to do a night on the town. you’ll make sure that They get home safely if They’ve had too much to drink. Which, of course, means that you would have to ABSTAIN from drinking. And I would know if you didn’t because They would tell me,” said Chastity. “And, needless to say, all of Them will know exactly what you have around your cock,” she added. “Oh, yes, and ah…They might want you to clean Their apartments.”

Charlie’s expression was hard and set. “What if i don’t wanna do it?”

“Your penis will reamined imprisoned and in pain forever.”


“you’ll have to wear it till you find a way to get it off without the key,” said Professor Payne matter-of-factly. “Which I’m sure you’ve tried already, unsuccessfully, or else you wouldn’t BE here.”

Charlie just glared at Her. The hatred was returning. But at the same time he felt a growing sense of panic, especially over the fact that other Women would know about the horrible steel trap he wore around his poor pecker. But hatred mixed with helpless panic soon gave way to fear. his mood changed.

“Look, look please. i’ll never hurt anybody again. i PROMISE. Jes-jes please take this off, Professor Payne. Please!”

“you must play with your penis quite a lot, Charlie, to be reduced to begging like this. But you might as well save your breath, because it’s going to be quite a while before you’re allowed to experience sexual relief,” said Chastity.

Charlie looked down at the braided rug. he grabbed for anything he could that might make Her feel sorry for him.

Then looking up, he said, “What if the Teeth… You know…start to irritate my skin?” his voice was kind of whiny now.

“They won’t if you stay soft.”

“But…but I CAN’T!” he said, his voice now whiny with frustration.

“Is it hard now?”

“W-well no, but…”

“So you’re wrong, Charlie,” Chastity cut in. “you CAN keep it soft.”

“But i’m not AROUSED.”

“Good,” She said, “We WANT you to learn to control your erections when you’re around Women.”

“What about when i’m by myself. i mean…i mean, can’t i even…?”

“No, you can’t!” Chastity snapped back. “Your masturbating days are over, Charlie. your penis belongs to the Gynosupremist Council. WE’LL decide when We want to use it, not you. Is that clear enough?”

Charlie’s features became all twisted up. “Y-y-you can’t do that!” he whined again.

“We just DID.” She looked at his cup. “More coffee?”

he sent Her a vacant look, then looked down and shook his head.

“So what will it be, Charlie? Ejaculation with the Device OFF—when We ALLOW it, of course–or trying to do it while it’s locked on…for keeps.”

“Do You…” he began. “Do You REALLY have to tell Carla abou-about this?”

“Her especially,” Professor Payne replied.

But-but-but if You do, S-she might…” his voice caught.

Chastity sent him a sly grin.

“What’s the matter, Charlie? Afraid?”

“Well…well yeah, sorta.”

“Good. Because that’s exactly how Carla felt when you forced Her to have sex. Now it’s YOUR turn to be vulnerable,” She said.

Information about making and using a Kali’s Teeth Device to keep men chaste.

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