Husband Shamed & Degraded

Wife Humiliates Her Husband With Help of a Girlfriend

Me and Buffy, my wife, were home and my sister-in-law Kruella was over to spend the evening. We were watching television, flicking through the channels, when we hit a fighting show, some kind of martial art. Kruella asked me if we could watch it and I obliged her and left the station on. She was really getting into it, acknowleging certain blows and strikes. I said “tough girl, how long have you been taking judjitsu”. She replied “long enough to kick your ass”. Kruella was 28 years old and about 5’5″ 115 lbs. “come on Kruella, do you really think you could kick my ass, your a skinny girl”.

Kruella looked me right in the eye

“Yes, I know I could not only kick your ass, I could make you kiss my ass three times in less than 10 minutes”.

I laughed

“You will make me kiss yor ass, yea right”.

She stood up and lifted her shirt exposing her shapely spandex covered ass, and pointed to her ass.

“I can make you kiss me right here, three times, and I’ll bet on it. she yanked the spandex up her crack and said “I don’t mean I can make you kiss my cheeks, I can make you kiss my spandex covered asshole.”

My wife Buffy joined in

“Go for it tough guy, I’d love to see you smooch her ass you faggot, got any balls.”
I looked at her and asked her,

“How much you want to bet”? Buffy looked at me

“I don’t want money, If I make you kiss my ass three times in less than ten minutes, you have to be your wifes slave and my slave till 2:00am. You have to serve both of us in any way we ask, anything goes, you must grovel at are feet, ass etc. anything, even be our toilet.”

I looked at her in shock

“be your toilet, what do you mean?”

She giggled “Exactly what I said, Be our toilet, drink our piss, eat our shit. Did you ever eat your wifes shit?”

I looked up at her in amazement

“Can’t say that I did, and what are you going to put up?” Buffy opened her purse and whipped out her wallet and took out money. Ten, hundred dollar bills.

“Thats one thousand dollars, faggot, still afraid of a 115 lb. girl?”
This was getting hard to resist, all I had to do was avoid her for 10 minutes and the grand was mine.

She looked at me

“I’m serios about the money and what you have to do, if you agree and loose, I hope you realize what you will have to do.” I stood up “Ten minutes, thats all right”. She smiled “Yes three asshole kisses in ten minutes or less and we win, other than that you win.” I was confident when I saw the money “Lets do it, Iwin its one thousand, you win, I am your slave and Buffy’s slave up to the point of being your toilet till 2:00am.”

We entered the living room, to start the match. I looked at the clock it was 8:15. I told her at 8:16 we start and at 8:26 give me my money. The clock creeped close to 8:16, she looked so confident it scared me, My heart raced. 8:16 she attacked me like an animal, It seemed like she had her strategy plotted out. Before I knew it I was on my back with my legs over my head. She was facing my feet with her knees straddeling my head and all her weight over my arms. She actually started to laugh, “Its all over, save youself punishment and smooch my ass”. Her ass was right on top of my face, and I was helpless, but I refused to smooch her crack. She leaned back and put her crack on my nose. Buffy stood up and shouted “Kiss her ass you faggot, smooch her butthole, then your slavery begins at both of our assholes.”

Kruella now laughing out loud

“Kiss it three times or I’ll punch your balls.”

The position she was in made it impossible to block a punch. My wife stood up and said,
“Punch him Kruella, I want to see him on his knees for us”.

Kruella grabbed my balls and squeezed, I was in an awfull predicament. Kruella leaned back and farted in my face. “Thats just an appetizer, I’ll give you one more chance to kiss three times”. I still refused. My wife said, “Punch his balls in, make him smooch, I have to pee”. Kruella whaled on my balls three times, the pain was unreal, I had no choice. She lifted her crack one inch above my face ” Raise your head and kiss my ass hole three times or else” The pain was to intense, I pressed my lips between her crack and kissed once. She hit me again “Two more times slave”. My wife was excited “Kiss it, kiss it now and become our slave.” Kruella grabed my balls one more time and I conceded. I pressed my lips between her crack and gently kissed her spandex covered hole two more times. I lost, I would have to serve both of them. Both of them acted as if they won the lottery, I was completely humiliated. Kruella sat back one more time on my face and farted on my nose. “I definately think I have to go to the bathroom soon”. The slavery was about to begin, I could not believe I lost. > >

After the two stopped celebrating, they both stood there and looked at me, Kruella said, “Look Buffy, look at him, twenty minutes ago he was your husband and a man, Now he is our fucking slave, our servant, our groveling pig and especially our toilet.” My wife joined in “I always wondered what it would be like to use a mans mouth, as my toilet, and today I will find out. I feel a bowel movement sometime soon”. Kruella looked at me “how did it feel on your back when I sat on your face and farted and you couldn’t do a dam thing about it, but sniff it and kiss my ass”. I told her

“I can’t believe you beat me and made me kiss your ass, I am in shock, I also can’t believe what I have to do”. Kruella said

” you lost the bet and now its time to pay up, get on your knees”.

I kneeled down before the both of them. My wife removed the loose pair of warmup pants, she had on and she was wearing spandex also. Kruella lokked at Buffy

“Aren’t those the same tights you had on in the gym this afternoon”.
Buffy replied,”

Yes, same ones, Why”

Kruella said

“I thought you would change after that crazy workout and the fact that it was 90 degrees today, but it turned out good because our slave might like the taste of sweat on our bodies”. Just then Buffy yelled “Slave come here and press your face between my cheeks.” I went over to her on my knees and inserted my nose in her behind, seconds later she farted in my face.
“Sniff that fart, slave, accept my gift”.

I inhaled deeply, and this was a first, I never before had intentionally smelled my wifes farts. Both laughed in my face as
I inhaled. Kruella sat on the couch and said “Its time for our slave to pay hommege to our tired sweaty feet.” Buffy joined in

“I agree ,time to grovel slave”.

They both got comfortable on the couch and told me to kneel before them. I got down on my knees in front of them. Kruella said “Kiss your wifes sneakers, bow your head and kiss her gym shoes”. I lowered my head to the floor and smooched her sneakers again and again. My wife now said, “Do the same to my sisters shoes”. Kruella was wearing a plain flat leather shoe with bare feet. I bowed down and kissed her shoes. Kruella looked down at me

“This is the way you should always greet me, on your knees and at my feet, Slave go get us two beers, then get back to my feet”.

I ran to the kitchen and got two beers, came back and handed the beer to them, and got back on my knees. “Good boy”, Kruella said, “Now pick up my leg and clean the bottom of my shoe”. I lifed her leg and dragged my tongue on the shoe she walked in the streets with. She sipped on her beer and smiled in my pathetic face “Did I step in anything today? no, you better check the other foot”. I changed feet and began licking the other sole.

“Your so obedient, now go and clean the bottom of you wifes sneaker”.

I repeated the entire process.

“Let a little girl beat you up” Buffy said, “Your a weak faggot, a little sissy, she yelled as she stood up in fron of me.

“Kiss my ass faggot, kiss your wifes ass”. I gently kissed my wifes ass all over, both cheeks, her crack etc. Kruella was giggling at the sight of this. Now my wife sat down again and barked “Take off my sneakers, you need to find out how hard I worked out”. I untied the laces and removed her right sneaker. “Sniff my toes through the sock”. Her right leg was crossed over and elevated, I pressed my nose to the very moist white sox and sniffed. Both broke out laughing as I sniffed at the base of her toes. Her toes had a sour cheesy smell to them. “Take of the sock and really get into it”. I peeled the sock off and once again began sniffing her toes. “I love the look of you on your knees sniffing my sweaty toes, like that aroma,

Ask me if you can taste my toes, beg to lick my feet”. I looked up at her “Please Buffy, may I lick your pretty toes”. They laughed and Kruella said “Make him do it better, Make him put his hands together like he’s praying and beg you to lick”. “You heard her slave beg to lick my toes”. I put my hands together and asked her over and over if I may lick her toes, and inbetween each request I kissed the top of her foot. “You may clean my toes with you tongue.” I lowered my head and licked her sweaty toes. “Make sure you get that sock lint out and all the toecheese.” I slipped my humiliated tongue in between my wifes dirty feet as the two laughed and ragged on me. “Now my other foot”. The whole process one more time. Now it was my sister-in-laws turn. Kruella stood up and told me to get on my back. She made me untie her leather shoe and take it off and then stepped on my face with her bare foot. Her feet had a stronger smell than my wives and she held it there and made me sniff out loud. Out of nowhere she squatted down and let another fart rip on my nose “I want to hear you sniff, sniff my sweaty ass”. Her ass did have a funky smell and the fart was potent also. She ground her crack back and forth on my nose and said “Now I know where to come if my ass itches”. she finally stood up and told me to stick my tongue out. Then she ran her foot across my tongue from heel to toe, as if I were a door mat. She made me remove her other shoe and smell the base of her toes.

“Open your mouth and suck my big toe”.

I opened and she stuck it in, and I sucked.

“Keep your mouth open wide” as she squatted down on my face and positioned her asshole over my mouth. A moment passed , then her fart passed right in my mouth. It was muffeled and the two of them started laughing like crazy. My wife stood up
“First she beats you up, now you eat her fartgas, what a pathetic speciman of a man.

” Kruella looks at me”Get up, go over to your wife and lick her armpits. Buffy puts her hands behind her head, exposing her pits and says “Yes slaveboy, tongue my pits clean, it was hot today.” I lower my head and lick my wifes pits. “Bet it tastes good, I’m next, Kruella said. I walk over to Kruella, she lifts her arms and pushes my head to her armpit for cleaning.

“That beer went right through me”, Buffy says “I have to take a leak toilet boy, get on your back”. My wife looks right at me and points to my mouth “I’m going to piss right in your mouth and you have to drink it, on your back”. Buffy removed her spandex and squatted over my face. Kruella got in close for a good look at the human toilet. Buffy sent a hot stream of piss im my mouth, I gulped her salty gift as fast as I could. It was very strong and acidic, sort of burned mu throat a little.

When she was done she looked down at me “How did it taste toilet, wait till you have to eat, that will realy be the show.”

Kruella went to the kitchen and got a glass. She pulled her spandex halfway down and held the large glass under cunt. She giggled in my face , right before she started to urinate, then she filled the glass, and put it on the table. She grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face to the glass.”Smell my golden wine, I made for you.” My nose was an inch from the piss and I inhaled the urine stench to satisfy her. “Dip your tongue in the piss and taste it, who’s piss tastes better.” I dipped my tongue in the liquid waste and sampled its flavor, it was much less acidic than my wifes piss. Kruella went in the kitchen and got a straw. “Drink it with this straw, you can taste it better and you can’t gulp it. I drank Kruellas piss.

When I finished,Kruella got me down on my knees, at her ass. She pulled her spandex half way down and pulled her cheeks apart “I hope you don’t get offended Buffy, that your faggot husband is about to eat my ass, because this is where this faggot belongs, on his knees licking my asshole.” To my suprise, my wife says “I don’t care what you do, I was just going to suggest that he give us both head, he is good at that.” A smile came to Kruellas face “Thats the best idea all day, your little faggot hubby eating me out till I come. She removed her spandex and sat on a tall barstool we had. Her feet were on the stool seat also, which exposed everything, her asshole and cunt. “On your knees boy, kneel at my vagina”. I Went down in front of her bush, My wife came over and said “Eat my sister out, start on her clit and do it good”. Kruella interupted “I’d rather him start on my asshole, There is somthing about a man on his knees licking my ass that sets me off.” No problem Kruella, Slave, eat my sisters asshole, rim that thing”. I moved in close to the chair and touched the tip of my tongue to her puckered ass. She obviously liked it and I began licking harder and faster. Eventually I sucked her cunt, starting on top with the clit, then separating her lips with my tongue sucking on each lip. It took about ten minutes and she came like a wild woman in my face. While she recovered I was ordered to eat my wife and as usuall she came also. While the two relaxed they ordered me to make them coffee. My wife told me very bluntly, “Coffee makes me shit, and I can’t wait to use your moth as my bowl.”

Both sat bottomless in the living room sipping their coffee. Kruella called me over to massage her asshole with my tongue.

After about twenty minutes my wife smiled “I think its time toilet boy, I feel a log on the move” A minute later “OH its time, get on your back.” My wife stood over me and laughed. My heart started to race in anticipation. “This is ultimate humiliation, The ultimate worship of one to another is willingly devouring the others shit, Oh it feels like a load. Buffy squatted over my mouth and mouned as the feces got closer to her anus. My wifes anus started to dilate “Here it comes toilet boy”. Kruella moved in for a closer look of the act. As her anus dilated I could see the head of the log, slowly emerge. ” Hubby its time to eat my shit, open that mouth”. She squatted down lower, directly over my toilet mouth. The log was about an inch in diameter as it slid from her bung hole. It started to dangle and shake and I guess she sensed it was going to break and squatted to a point where she could direct it in my mouth. Once the head of the log was in she lowered her ass to me breaking off the log in my mouth. She turned to watch me eat it. It was on the hard side so I had to chew it. Both of them looked at me in amazement as I chewed and ate it. MY wife turned her ass to me again and sat down I my mouth, centering her anus. “Suck the next one out as I push it in”. I created a suction against her anus with my lips and sucked out another three inch turd and ate it. She squatted once again and pulled her cheeks apart

“Now lick it clean you faggot shiteater”. I stuck my tongue up her ass and licked away any residual shit that was left.

Kruella began hinting that she had to go but was going to do somthing different. Kruella went in the kitchen and got a plate and put the plate on my chest. Now Kruella straddled my body, squatting over the plate and began to concentrate. Her cheeks spread and her ass began to open. She emptied her colon on the plate, depositing three, three inch logs. She squatted over my face “Rim my hole clean servant”. I lapped her entire crack and her asshole, cleaning it well. “Now its time to eat, get on your knees”. She removed the plate and put it on the coffee table.

“Here’s the fork Kruella, feed it to our slave.” Both were starring at me as Kruella pearced the turd with the fork and held it to my nose. “Smell my shit, sniff the log slave.” I sniffed at the repulsive bodily waste. “Open your mouth”. I opened my mouth and both watched carfully. Kruella stuck the turd in my mouth. “Chew it you pathetic shiteater, eat my stinking log.” Kruellas shit was much softer and easier to swallow. Then she stuck in piece Number two and I ate it. Now My wife came up with her own idea and told Kruella and both agreed. My wife went upstais and came down in a pair of pumps. Buffy stepped her heel on the log, it broke in half, but the one half stayed on the heel. She lifted it up to my mouth as Kruella said, “Eat my shit off you wifes heel”. I opened up and she stuck it in and I sucked the shit off the heel. Both were in tears they were laughing so hard. My wife now stepped the sole of the pump in the shit smearing it all over the bottom. She slowly lifted the pump to my mouth and said “Clean my sisters shit of the bottom of my pump, with your tongue. Ask Kruella if you can lick her shit.” “Kruella may I clean your shit off the bottom of my wifes shoe.” Kruella stood up and said “Sure after you kiss my asshole”. I pushed Kruellas cheeks apart and planted a big wet gentil kiss on her sphincter. My wife still held the shoe up and I went over to it and licked the squashed feces off the pump. The two rehashed what they just made me do for about a half hour and both fell assleep. My servatude was over but my memory of this humiliation will never go away.

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Testicle Suspension Bondage: A Terrifying Demonstration

Male Slave Proves His Love Of & Trust In His Mistress

Slave Peter knelt at the feet of his Mistress, head lowered. Around him, the party went on. It was late in the night, but no one had left the basement dungeon. Mistress’ small circle of close friends were all present, and many more, mostly acquaintances of the Dungeon Master and host Lord Richard. The evening’s theme, suspension, was clearly a great success. Several stunning demonstrations had completed thus far… his was to be the last demonstration of the night.

He watched the fine lines of Mistress’ ankles, disappearing from his view as she walk away to speak with a friend. He longed for her… more than he would have thought possible before his birth into Her service… would gladly do anything for Her. Tonight, She said, would be his crowning gift to Her, the culmination of years of Her patient efforts to teach him.

The cool breeze of the basement stirred through the slit crotch of his pantaloons, and across his bare chest. It was not unpleasant, he thought. His balls were closer to free than they had been in a long time, cradled by only a small stretcher to keep them loose. He wished the greater security of more usual restraint, but Mistress wished it so. She had honored him earlier by allowing him to follow her through those gathered with a twenty-pound weight hanging through the cut in his pants. Strong applause coursed through the room for the demonstration just finishing, as a sweat-covered young slave was released to the ground and into her Master’s arms. He glanced up briefly to find Mistress, and saw her clapping and commenting to a man they both knew. He lowered his head, knowing that She would come for him soon.

‘Are you ready, sweet slave?’ Her throaty voice filled him with love.

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Come, then.’

She took the handle of the light leash from his shoulder, and led him toward the left side of the small stage. He rose smoothly and followed.

At the edge of the stage, She placed the leash back on his shoulder, and he obediently sank to his knees.

‘You may watch me, Slave’

‘Thank you, Mistress.’

He watched Her and only Her as she stepped onto the dimly-lit stage and approach the frame. He could tell from his position that it was almost comically massive. Lord Richard’s suspension frame, built expressly for this party, stood over nine feet high and almost as wide. It was constructed entirely of railroad ties and steel. The massive cross-bar rested atop equally impressive uprights, secured by quarter-inch plate-steel triangles on both sides. More steel held the long base pieces in place. Five study eyebolts were evenly spaced across the top and three graced each side. The frame looked able to suspend an elephant.

Mistress motioned to the far side of the stage, and Peter saw Don and William moved quickly to comply, approaching Mistress and kneeling before Her. The two were Mistress’ slaves-in-training, kept but not owned as was Peter. Unlike him, they were both large, well-muscled slaves. Not to Her preference, She said.

His heart sailed as Mistress approached him, and he lowered his eyes. She squatted in front of him and gently raised his chin until he was staring into her beautiful, dark eyes.

‘Are you ready for this, my sweet slave?’

Her husky whisper sent chills through him. ‘Anything for you, Mistress. Anything.’

A smile played over her lips, and She pulled him close and kissed him gently. ‘I love you, slave,’ she whispered.

‘I love you, Mistress, more than life itself.’

She pulled back, and Her face turned serious. She tightened Her grip on his chin, until he opened his eyes. ‘Slave… you are to tell me the moment anything goes wrong.’

‘I trust in you Mistress. Nothing will go wrong.’

In a fierce whisper She said, ‘I mean it Peter. I know you want to do this for me, but you tell me the instant something isn’t right.’

Scared by her intensity, he replied simply, ‘Yes Mistress.’

Finally, after holding his eyes with Hers for an eternity, she stood and nodded to her right. The stage lights went up, bright after the dimness, and Lord Richard strode into the glow.

‘Friends, thank you all for joining us tonight. I hope you have enjoyed this evening as much as I have.’ Several guests yelled comments of appreciation. ‘I think you’ll agree that the theme was an excellent one, and I can’t take credit for it. Our next demonstrator suggested it to me several months ago. She also requested the last demonstration of the night, promising something we would never forget, and who was I to refuse?

You have all been wonderfully respectful this evening, but I just want to remind you to remain silent during the demonstration… this one in particular. With that, I give the stage to Mistress Caroline.’ Mistress took Her slave’s leash in the hand that had gently stroked Peter’s hair while Richard spoke, and led him onto the stage. He followed as She turned a full circle, displaying him to the audience, and knelt before her facing the frame. She unclipped his leash, depositing it to his left. As she bent near him, she whispered, ‘You may look where you wish, my love.’

Turning to Don and William, who still knelt on the stage, She spoke in a voice of command. ‘Check the apparatus, slaves.’

The two rose to their feet and moved under the cross-bar. Both leapt up to grab it, and began swinging strenuously as they had been taught. It was rather comical to those gathered, as the frame clearly wouldn’t budge an inch. The ritual was intended not only to ensure Mistress and slave that the suspension structure was totally secure, but also to help Peter gain focus for the task ahead.

At Mistress’ beckoning, they hopped down and returned to her feet. ‘My bag, slave,’ she said, indicating William. He quickly retrieved a leather duffel from the side of the stage.

‘My toys, for you.’ She whispered this to Peter as she bent near him to unzip the bag. The familiar phrase sent him farther into the depths of Her.

Mistress removed a short length of heavy tow chain from the bag. ‘Hang it.’ William sprung up to take the chain, as Don assumed a crouched position beneath the center suspension point. William stepped on his back to reach up and attach the chain, using a carabiner already hanging from the bolt. Each then knelt, one by each foot of the frame.

Mistress brought Peter to his feet by the chin, and bent to remove his pantaloons. He was naked beneath, except for the ball stretcher, which She removed. She ran her nails lightly up his wiry frame, bringing a moan from his lips.

‘Are you ready, slave?’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ he replied, managing no more than a breathy whisper.

She removed his special parachute from the bag, and bent to place it around his balls. The chute was constructed of heavy leather, reinforced with a steel frame, and padded within. It secured with two heavy buckles.

The attachment point was also heavy leather, backed with spring-steel bands. Many in the audience looked closely at the chute… familiar but quite different from any they had seen.

That done, She bade him kneel again. As She removed restraints from the bag, Mistress cooed to him in quiet, smooth tones. She cuffed his hands behind his back, secured his ankles with a short spreader bar, and ran a tiny length of chain between the two. From the side, Peter formed the shape of a triangle, roughly equilateral. He was helpless.

Mistress again motioned to Her other slaves as She retrieved a carabiner of her own from the bag. They approached Peter, one on each side, and lifted him high into the air. Gently, they turned him upside down, and backed under the cross-beam.

Mistress’ beautiful torso, clad in tight leather, approached him. She spoke softly to him as She attached the parachute to the last link in the chain. He knew no reply was necessary.

She stepped back. Peter was aware of nothing but Her. Her beauty… and his total devotion to Her.

Staring into his eyes, she nodded. Almost imperceptibly, Don and William began to lower him. Slowly his balls were pulled away from him, bearing more and more of his weight. He felt the familiar pull in his stomach, the squeezing pressure on his balls, the stretching of his scrotum.

Mistress began to pace slowly across the stage in front of him. Their eyes remained locked. Her movement forced him to concentrate on Her, keep his eyes on his Mistress. His face remained blank as, more than a minute after starting, his descent was complete. Don and William stepped back to the uprights and remained standing, their attention also locked on

Mistress. They were ready to spring forward at her slightest command.

The dungeon was deathly quiet. The crowd stood in awe of the spectacle they were witnessing. For minutes that seemed like hours, Peter hung by his testicles, three feet off the ground. Mistress Caroline paced. Three sets of eyes followed Her.

After three of four minutes, Mistress approached, bending down as She came to keep Peter’s eyes locked. Finally, She was squatting before him, Her gothic face mere inches from his. ‘Sweet slave,’ she whispered. She reached out her right hand, running it along his scalp. Slowly, carefully, She began to swing him in ever-increasing circles. When he was moving perhaps a foot in each direction, She let go and backed away. All the while, their eyes held each other, and his face remained impassive.

Peter’s arc decreased. As his movement slowed, some of those toward the sides of the stage noticed tears in his Mistress’ eyes. Peter, too, noticed, and his heart pounded with joy at the sight.

Once his swing had stopped, Peter’s Mistress again approached him.

Unbidden, Don and William stepped forward and began to slowly take Peter’s weight from his balls. Mistress kissed Peter deeply as he rose, and he passively accepted Her gift. After releasing his bounds, Mistress held Peter close to Her as he trembled in Her arms.

The audience erupted into wild applause, I among them. The sound was thunderous after the long silence. The remainder of the evening was spent in discussion, and many compliments were paid to Caroline and her slave.

No one present that evening will ever forget the last demonstration of the night.

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Forced Cocksucking

Sissyboy Humiliation

Maybe I’d take you out on the town, dressed normally for the most part–maybe a bra and panties underneath–and we’d walk around and stuff. And your ‘job’ would be to check out any and all of the men passing by..and tell me which ones you found the most attractive…which ones you thought had the biggest cocks.

Maybe I’d even set it up that a certain male friend of mine would be around in passing–one you didn’t know–and after you trying to be really subtle and whispering and stuff, me pointing directly at him and saying in a normal tones voice “What about him? think he’s cute too?”

Of course my friend would hear…but pretend not to know me…but look up and say something like “Excuse me, were you talking to me?” and I’d nudge for you to answer.”

( At this point I just groaned and said ‘I..I wouldn’t be able to answer…or, would just stumble out something like a ‘no’ in answer to avoid the embarrasment..’)

Mistress just grinned slowly, an amused and preditory look crossing Her face.

I’d nudge you again and whisper “If you dont answer him, I will…and you arent going to like it.”And I’d grin milldly (cuz I’d know it was a set up, but you wouldnt) and I’d say something like “oh sorry, didnt mean to intrude, my boyfriend is shy, but he’s um…open minded…and I was trying to get an idea of what kind of guys he finds are cute.”

And since my friend had been forewarned, he wouldnt be shocked–even if he acted a lil that way–and he’d say something like “oh really? well, DO you find me attractive?” looking at you.

(I just winced, my cheeks blushing red, caught up in Her scenario…knowing that She was *more* than capable of actually doing this. I answered Her, my voice soft and nervous, “I…I would probably answer ‘no, sorry’ to get out of it if I knew I could…’yes’ if I knew I had no choice in the matter and it was what you wanted…”)

Mistress just smiled, serene and all-too-knowing of Her power over me.

Well even if you said no, I’d poke you and lie, and say something like “Yeah RIGHT…you said you thought he was cute from when we were way over there!” Because I would KNOW chances were slim you’d be silly enough to call me a liar…

Then of course the guy would kinda ‘get offended’ at whichever way you answered…lose/lose situation.

He’d be pissed you were checking him out, as another guy–or else he’d be offended you didnt find him cute. And I’d ‘calm’ him down a lil, saying something like “Well, I know -I- find you kinda cute…so be flattered..”

And then maybe he’d check YOU out…and me too, but you’d feel his eyes on you. And just to shock you I’d say “He’s never really been with a guy before…but he’s really good with his, REALLY good!”

And of course my friend would look interested in that and say “Oh yeah? well maybe I should try it out sometime.”

I’d have a good grip on your wrist–so you’d know you werent going anywhere. Maybe I’d even see you looking around to try and hide, and delibrately misinterpret it. “Yeah, good idea..look for a more secluded spot.. Afterall, you wouldnt want to get arrested for giving some guy head right in broad daylight.” I’d look back at my friend and say “Well, maybe if we find a quiet spot you can try it out right now…what do you say?”

I bet at that point you’d do it even in broad daylight if I commanded it..scared to death or not. But since I care about you…and well me, getting caught, I’d wait for my friend to reply. He’d say “Well, there are some bushes and trees over there–lets go check them out.” And we’d all walk across the park together…well, I’d prolly be dragging you some.

So we’d walk over, and my friend would step kinda into the bushes, looking around to make sure its quiet, and say to both of us, but prolly mostly to me. “So, you sure you wanna do this? I’ve never had a guy suck me off before..but I’ve been curious to what it would be like.”

(I was practically trembling before Her by now, hung on every word, unable to do anything but surrender to the daydream, caught up in Her tale and knowing that it might actually happen. “I’d know I’d look at you for direction, and pleading to you with my eyes for a way out of this…”)

You’d get no help from me. I’d respond something casually like ‘oh no, Jim and I have talked about this for a while…he’s really curious too, arent you Jim? but I want to watch…so I hope thats okay.”

I’d smile and push you forward a bit, towards him.”Make sure you two get far enough back not to be spotted, I’ll keep an eye out for people.”

You’d obey my lead…and his…after all, what choice do you have?

Just imagine him quickly undoing his jeans and unzipping them, and pulling out his cock, half-hard already. I’d prolly say something like “Ooh, you are bigger than Jimmy!” even if he wasnt–just to let him know I liked what I saw.

Feeling put in your place yet, slut? Good girl…

And that would be about when you’d drop to your knees like a good front of him..and you’d have to look at it…touch it..

And if you kept hesitating I’d say something like “C’mon Jim, show him how good you are with your know you want to.”, and to my friend “He likes it when you hold his head with a grip in his hair by the way.”

(I groaned softly, laying my head at Her feet in utter submission, whispering “I’d..obey.”)

Yes, you’d open your mouth wide like an eager slut, and slide that cock right in, tasting it for the first time, and put that tongue of yours to work as you began sucking. My friend would get right to work with the intention of getting an intense orgasm as soon as possible, as he’d be a lil nervous of being outside too..and he’d hold your head somewhat, and arch his hips back and forth. But he’d be aware enough to make the occassional comment like “Oh yeah, he knows how to use his tongue alright..”

“Mmm, god, it feels good..thats it, slide it right down your throat..”

And after you sucked him off in the bushes..I’d tell him how much that had turned me on…and could I have his phone number so that maybe I could invite him over another time!

Mistress grinned evilly.

I’d tease you after about what a slut you were..sucking some guy off before you even knew his name…

And then I’d drag you back home so you could get between my legs like a good pet, and give me 2 or 3 orgasms….cuz I’d be dripping.

Mistress laughed softly.

Your pleasure, of course…well, thats *another* story..

Care for a walk in the park then?

I just groaned and knew that I’d never quite feel safe on our Sunday walks *ever* again.

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Chastity & Crushing

Enforced chastity we tried only once before. It was in the very early days and served a very specific purpose.

Several days ago we decided to try chastity again, both curious to see how it might effect my sometimes very strong need to surrender to her. Knowing I was physically under her control wherever I was didn’t displease her.

Don’t know if I’ll be up for a third time. The last few days have been very intense.

What we didn’t anticipate that having me at home already partly in bondage would bring out her pleasure in dominance every day.

Day 1
At work I hadn’t thought much about the chastity belt except when I needed to pee. Back home knowing I couldn’t have her left me wanting her badly. She could tell and softly brought me to my hands and knees to worship her boots.

Placing me on my back on the floor she bound me and removed the chastity belt. Then she ordered me to bring my knees up and slide until my feet touched a wall. A small segment of then plywood went under my cock. After putting a CD in the player she sat on that bit of wood. Having her sit on me brought out all my desire for her. Without standing she started moving to the music. One movement would arouse me, the next crush my cock into the wood. Thankfully one CD was enough, She put the belt back in place and let me up. The mix of pain from mild crushing and strong arousal left me drained.

Day 2
This was hardly the first time I sat bound in a chair as she sat on my lap. She teased me sweetly and cruelly. She knew every trick that would arouse me. And had long mastered many ways of making me whimper. Between feeling her tongue in my ear and her mildly painful operations on other parts of my body she slowly left me drained but hopelessly hungry for her. Long after she lay softly snoring beside me I started at the ceiling feeling I’d accept anything if only it were from her.

Day 3
I found myself again on my back. The friction of her shoes was gentle and arousing. She’d been long disappointed that she couldn’t bring me to orgasm with her feet. Still I didn’t respond.

“You say you love me, you say you worship me.”

I guess she hoped my pent up frustration would finally make me please her in this way.

She started cursing me. I wilted into myself, as both man and slave I was disappointing her. Her shoes rubbed with increasing speed and friction. My cock was very raw when she finally stopped.

Day 4
“Why are you so stubborn?”

This after many minutes of arousing me with her shoes without seeing me move toward orgasm.

The front of her foot pressed down and down crushing my cock. That was just her warm-up. Her heel dug in and began to twistingly work its way up. I lay back moaning under her merciless attack.

Day 5
I lay there helplessly enjoying her shoes caress my cock. Even as I sighed with pleasure I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go where she wanted me.

She brought out a too familiar bit of wood with a hole in it. With it and a cock ring in place I watched her. She looked down pityingly.

“Oh, I know you want to. But I can’t forgive you for not being able to.”

After a few minutes even gentle kicks with a pointed shoe begging and pleading

Day 6
Again she was angry at my failure. But she knew my cock was really too sore for more. I shuddered when I saw her bend down with a little brown bottle. A tap with a swab and she didn’t need to do another thing. The wintergreen oil worked as brutally as her shoes. I sweated and squirmed.

She stepped on my scrotal sac. She just stood there. My body did all of her work for her as the oil left me writhing. Tonight there wasn’t any pity, hardly any recognition. She just watched.

Day 7
This is the seventh day. I’m at work. Sometime tonight I’ll be free. But before I am I’ll be given another chance to perform.

What will she do if I don’t. And I won’t.

She could be kind and just let me free.

But I don’t think she will.

Tonight I think she’ll need to make rougher than the nights before. Tomorrow she’ll be loving again.

Will she crush me, kick me? Will it be like that night she composed her “Polyphony of Pain” and used every whip, flogger and strap in the house at least once?

She’s had plenty of time to weigh her options, make her choices. She could just forgive and forget. But something deep inside me says she won’t.

Married to a Brutal Female Sadist

Cruel Mistress Wife

Brutal Mistress Wife

We just received “vampire gloves” and she first rubbed my genitals bloody before taking me over her knee and spanking me bloody. That was followed by what she said was 700 strokes with a bamboo cane. It broke or there would have been more. It was by far the worst/best torture of my life. This morning, I am thinking about how dreary life was before I met her 17-years-ago and how frustrating it was before I left my vanilla girlfriend 11-years-ago to be with my now sadist wife. Like most, I knew of my “orientation” at the time of puberty, but since my interests are generally considered taboo, life has mainly featured vanilla girlfriends with a few sporadic thrills via sadistic women I have met over the years. Unfortunately, for someone who is only comfortable in a monogamous relationship, these encounters were with promiscuous women and always came to a relatively quick end as a result. I just could not adjust to these on and off affairs. But as miserable as that made me, there was no refuge with vanilla women. At first, I thought I would have to adjust to vanilla to avoid infidelity, but after a while I learned it was just as bad as the promiscuity. For the first time in my life, I cheated with my now wife while still with my vanilla girlfriend. At that time, we were not practicing the sort of domestic violence we do now so there were no lingering marks on my ass. As the years rolled by I began to realize I might not ever be in a truly satisfying relationship; one that would be defined by fidelity AND cruelty. As hard as it was, and after 6 long years of agonizing over this decision, I finally ended the vanilla relationship and entered into a full-time relationship with my sadistic friend. A year later we married. Since then, the pain she inflicted has increased to where we are now; a place I never thought possible. Hell, I never even fantasized about being beaten bloody and neither did my wife when we first got together; it slowly developed over the years. But now, it seems so natural; the way it should be. After all these years, I am finally in, what is for me, the perfect relationship: married to a brutal sadist defined by fidelity. If I did not make that life choice 11-years-ago, I would still be masturbating and miserable. I guess the punch line here is, if you are seriously into this life-style, do not get too deeply involved in a relationship where you will never be fulfilled. It’s not fair to your vanilla friend anymore than it is to yourself. Go the extra mile and find the right person or you may find yourself masturbating your life away instead. What would be the point in that? It may be a long process as it certainly was for me, but is also truly worth the effort. You would not be reading this right now if it was not important. You are here right now because this life-style defines you. You really do not have a choice.

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Man Forced to Dress Like a Woman

Vintage Sissification Photograph

Two dominant woman force a man to put on a dress.

He will no longer be allowed to pretend to manhood. Through feminization the women will teach him humility.

Prepare him to become her and to expect a life of service as a maid who will keep the house clean, wash clothes, do the dishes and allow the Mistresses to live a life of comfort and ease.

female led feminization sissification photo

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