Halloween Spanking Mistress

Holiday Corporal Punishment

By Clyde

This happened when I was a senior in high school. I must have been held back a grade when I was younger because I turned 18 at the beginning of the school year. I didn’t have to stay in school, but I was told that I should. This made me very rebellious. I just wanted to do the least possible to graduate.

Anyway, when Halloween came around, I thought I would cause a lot of mischief. I hid behind trees, and if I saw kids without their parents, I would take their candy from them. As it grew darker outside, I set off firecrackers and smashed pumpkins. I was having a jolly old time. Then I picked a house at random, and threw toilet paper all over the trees.

I was standing in front of the neighbor’s house admiring my work, when I felt someone grip my arm. I turned around and a big woman was holding me tightly so I couldn’t move. “You’re coming with me,” she said. I was dragged into her living room and forced to sit on a chair. She stood in front of me so that I was unable to move out of the chair.

“I’ve been watching you all evening. I saw you take kids candy, break pumpkins, set off firecrackers, and T P my neighbors yard. How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” I said.

“You’re legally an adult, now. If I call the police on you, you could spend time in jail.”

“I’m sorry! I must have gotten carried away with myself. Please don’t call the police on me!”

“I’ll give you an alternative. Either take a spanking from me, and everything that goes along with it, or I’ll call the police.”

I thought a spanking from her would he hit over my jeans with a paddle, so I said, “I’ll take your spanking.”

“Good choice,” She said. “If you don’t like your punishment and spanking, I’ll stop at any point, but then I will call the police.”


“You will not say a word unless you are spoken to or I tell you to talk.”


“You will do exactly what I tell you to do, without complaint.”


“And you will call me Mistress.”


“From now on, you should say “Yes, Mistress’ or ‘No, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very good! Now what is your first name?”


“Joe, I want you to take off your shirt, shoes and socks.”

“Yes. Mistress.” I thought this was strange, but I did as I was told.

Then she came out with something from the kitchen. “These are wrist cuffs. After I have them on your wrists, please turn around so that I can secure your arms behind you.”

Now I had wrist cuffs on and my arms were secured behind me. “Let’s go downstairs where your spanking will take place.” Once we got downstairs, she opened a room that had whips and paddles, a wooden horse, and a wooden X on the wall. This would be more than a simple spanking, I said to myself. “If this is too much for you, you can back out now and I will call the police.”

“I’ll still go ahead with it.”

She sat on the only chair in the room and said, “Now I want you to stand in front of me and not say a word.” Then she proceeded to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my jeans, and unzip my zipper. I was helpless, because my hands were secured behind my back.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I told you not to talk. If you say anything else, your spanking will be more severe. You need to be completely naked for my spankings.” Then she put her fingertips in my briefs. And soon they were also around my ankles. I felt so embarrassed. Only the boys in gym class had seen my naked like this, and my mother. “Step out of them, now.”

She looked me over and said, “Let’s go over to the wooden X for the first part of your spanking. Stand with your nose almost touching the wooden X.” Then I felt her undo my wrists in back of me, and immediately secured them spread apart above my head. Next she attached anklets to my ankles, and secured my legs together.

“I am going to start you out using the flogger on you. It contains many fingers of leather. They will turn your skin pink and they will sting a lot. Are you ready for m to begin.”

There was nothing else to say but, “Yes, Mistress.” She started up near my neck and worked her way down my whole body. Everytime time the flogger hit me, it felt like a hundred little pins had been stuck into my skin. She also had it wrap around the sides of my body. It made my entire skin tingle.

She quit flogging me and I felt her down by my feet. “Spread those legs.” She commanded. I spread them apart and she still said, “Spread them even further than that.” I spread my legs as far as I could. Then I felt her attach each leg to the ends of the wooden X. I felt completely vulnerable. My cock and balls were now completely exposed and hanging down.

“Now I will be able to get to your inner thighs and other sensitive places.” Then she started to flog me some more. I wanted to get away from the flogger, but I was secured in place. It really shocked me when she flogged me between my legs.

“You look pink all over, now. I am going to switch to a paddle and concentrate on your butt.” Then I felt the sting of the paddle on my bottom. She spanked me first on one cheek and then the other. I felt my butt getting real warm.

After spanking me for about ten minutes with the paddle, she said, “Now I am going to use the riding crop on you.” Where the paddle seemed to sting me in a wide area, the crop was painful in a straight line. She was also able to cover small areas where the paddle hadn’t reached. Then she flicked it a few times between my legs. It really stung my cock and balls and I wiggled about. “I just wanted to make sure you weren’t falling asleep on me.” My bottom was now feeling very warm and tender.

“I am now going to release you and put you over the wooden horse.” I felt her release one foot then the other and she said, “You can put your legs together, now.” It felt so good having my legs together, but now I was aware of how tender my inner thighs had become.

She unhooked my hands above my head and then she lead me over to the wooden horse. “Please bend over it so that your hands and feet are touching the floor.” First she attached my arms to each of the legs in the front. Then she grabbed one of my legs at a time, and spread and secured them to each leg of the horse. In this position, I could look between my legs and see her.

“Now I am going to give you six strokes of the cane. Have you ever been caned before?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Well, it can be quite painful. I want you to count each stroke out loud, and also say ‘Thank you, Mistress’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I felt a tapping on my butt, heard a whistle, and then it felt like a hundred bees had stung my butt in a straight line. I tried to stand up to rub my butt, but I was held in place by the horse. I yelled out, “Ouch! That really hurt.”

“Yes were suppose to say, ‘One. Thank you, Mistress.’ But since you didn’t, that stroke will be repeated again. So this will be stroke number one, again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I felt a tapping again, heard the whistle, then the pain again. This time I said, “One, Thank you, Mistress.”

“Hopefully, after your spanking, you will never behave like you did tonight, ever again.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Here comes number two.”

I felt the intense pain, again and said, “Two, Thank you, Mistress.”

“Tomorrow, after school, I also want you to apologize to my neighbor, and help him clean up the mess.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Then I felt the next stroke of the cane. “Ouch, that hurts. Three, Thank you, Mistress.”

“And if I ever catch you making trouble in this neighborhood again, you can expect another spanking like this one. Is that understood?”

I felt the next stroke on my tender butt. “Yes, Mistress. Four. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Will you stay out of trouble?”

I felt the next stroke on my tender butt. “Yes, Mistress. Five. Thank you, Mistress.”

“This will be your last stoke, unless you forget to count it out.”

I felt a tapping. Heard the whistle sound, then the pain. “Six. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Let me put some lotion on your poor butt.” She said. Then I felt her soothing hands on my butt, rubbing in the lotion. “You have seven parallel welts on your bottom. It will probably be somewhat painful to sit down for a couple of days.” She released me from the horse, took off my anklets and wristlets, and said, “You can get dressed now.”

It was painful putting on my briefs and jeans. We went upstairs and I finished getting dressed. The spanking was quite painful and more than I had expected, but it was better than going to jail. As I was going out her front door, she patted me on my tender butt and said, “Remember to apologize to my neighbor, and help him clean up the mess.

“Yes, Mistress.” I replied.

My behavior drastically improved after that weekend. I will never forget that Halloween.

Female-Led Planet

Angel World: A Matriarch Planet

Planet is a lush subtropical environment. All imports have been controlled and the flora and fauna are well balanced and provide a secure and pleasant surround. The settlements are also rigidly controlled as an experiment in matriarchy. Not only do women control the government of this planet, all males are totally without civil standing. No votes, no property ownership nor access to the judicial system. They can participate in most jobs, but not military, law enforcement, religious nor education. Some other professions require sponsorship or supervision by female monitors. Al males are implanted with a shocking device and all women wear a ring capable of activating it.

Visits and communication was severely limited, although many recruitment visits were conducted by regime members. Robert Daun, founder of the Dawn Corp had universal codes to the teleportation equipment and still had access to the planet which he had visited a few times. His visits never got beyond some visiting and sightseeing around the main settlement. In recent months, over 100,000 women had immigrated to Angel World, and half that many men. The influx seemed on an increasing upward curve. After the first rush, Daun had found it difficult to fill the quotas for settlement on any of his planets and was interested in finding the attraction. It was not readily seen, so he decided another visit was in order and this time he WOULD visit the hinterland. Were it not for him, no one would be there in the first place.

It was a spur of the moment decision, and he just walked down 2 flights and entered a transporter chamber. thumbed in the code and minutes later stood on the reception platform of Angel world where he was immediately taken into custody and charged with endangering transports in progress. As he left the platform he witnessed the arrival of two hundred new residents to be of this planet. All females. He was taken to “the office” and brought before the presiding Power.

Astrid Bjorn was the Power behind the bench on this day. She was interested and alert as unauthorized arrivals were heretofore unheard of. When she looked up and saw Duan, she was more interested. Due to the imbalance of males here, she among others lacked mates. Duan sparked some chemistry in her. He broadcast a challenge and to Astrid, a challenge was life! They studied each other. Duan was pleased with the petite, slim lady seated above him. Her hair was a blond helmet and she had a warm smile and lovely features. She was thinking much the same. What a cute little guy! With some breaking in (wet excitement?) he could make an ideal wife. She heard his explanation, but hardly listened to it. Her docket was clean. She told Daun that he would accompany her to her home in the countryside which he was so eager to see. But he was to consider himself in deep disfavor over his precipitate arrival. Daun was restrained and prepared to accompany Power Bjorn.

You have made me very angry announced Daun as he faced Astrid on her terrace after he was released by the escort. Astrid smiled at him and said that did not matter. What mattered was the problem he had created. We’ll see about all this, but his voice was dropping and he was feeling a little more uncomfortable facing this lovely person.

Taking his arm, she said come, I am hungry you may join me. Dinner was served in a low beamed dining room that overlooked a young orchard and vineyards. Little girls played nearby, attended and served by pretty young boys. Astrid pointed out a finiculture pond and as he looked she passed her hand over his glass and a small pill dropped, fizzed for a second and disappeared. It was a strong hypnotic. Come, take your glass and we’ll walk over. It is an interesting industry. It is more my career than being a Power, but we must fill several roles here at this time. As they walked, they sipped the wine and Astrid smiled as she watched Robert drink and soften in his anger. She was sure. The transporter had dropped a wife in her lap. It never occurred to her that he might object. What did that matter?

By the time they returned to the dining room the dishes had been cleared by menservants and soft music was playing. Robert was very relaxed. Robert, I want you to be happy. Yes, he answered I am. I feel very happy. You want me to make you even happier for all your life. Robert smiled and looked at her. I am happy. I am going to turn on a video recorder and I want you to answer all of my questions positively. Very positively, she instructed with a firm voice. Robert agreed. They sat before the lens, Robert still sipping his wine. Would you like to join our society? Oh yes. He was about to continue but she hurriedly supplied the next question. You understand you will give up your civil rights and become my property. His expression was vacant, but he firmly agreed. You are certain that you want to become my wife then and become an Angelican? Yes. Absolutely with no reservations? Absolutely.

Astrid turned off the recorder and summoned a manservant and told him to apply a genital restraint to Bobbie. She told Bobbie to undress and that he was now going to begin on his transformation into a perfect male. She wanted him to enjoy, participate and cooperate with it all. Bobbie agreed. You want to be more feminine. Yes. Yes my mistress, she corrected. Yes my mistress. The manservant returned, seated Bobbie and installed the simple restraint. Bobbie’s testes were pressed up into his body and Bobbie cooperated by holding them there as the scrotum was pulled over the penis and pinned in place with a series of locking rings which could only be released by a female’s ring.


The training “camp” looked more like a Graeco~Spanno resort. It was beautiful but Bobbies attitude was not. When roll of the 8 new trainees was called he did not recognize that he was now Bobbie Bjorn. They were shown their quarters then were to report for P E. Bobbie loudly informed them that he was Robert Daun, here by mistake and had to get back to his office at Dawn Corp., once. He did get one reply and that was a smile, and “Interesting”. He was looking around for and avenue of escape. As far as he could see there was no impediment to him simply walking away. Hmm. Which direction? His arguing and planning was cut short by being pushed into a cabana and handed an exercise suit of a leotard and tights. In PINK! He threw them back out. The instructor tapped her ring and Bobbie remembered the control implant. He remembered it because he was lying in a fetal ball, with saliva drooling from his lips. The guard smiled and told him he would get a little used to it in time and it would not feel as harsh, then sternly told him to get into his damned exercise suit. He picked himself up, went into the cabana and closed the door.

P E he discovered was getting slammed around by the staff. He was paired with a large, Slavic looking woman. She was not pretty, yet attractive. After shoving him around she told him it was permitted and expected that he would struggle against her. She held up her hand to show that she was wearing no ring, so he let her have a sucker punch. It shook her, but it was the only punch he landed. She provoked him to become more and more violent until he was totally exhausted. He was given a sweet cold drink, and shoved back into the pen to face his next opponent who could not have been half his weight. She was a little leery of him at first, but soon was tumbling him with some kind of Jiu Jitsu or Akido throws. by the time she was tired he felt like a Raggedy Ann doll being tossed around by a petulant brat. Raggedy ANN? He looked at his effeminate costume and started to cry. He had been told it was good for him to cry, had he not! He was tired and sore and sweaty and dirty and had gotten his outfit torn and everything! Baby Bobbie! Get up and come to the showers. He followed the 16 staff and the other 7 trainee males to the shower room, following their example, stripping and tossing the sweaty garments in a basket by the door. Somehow. he thought, I will have to wash these too. He bitterly longed for return to his real world where he would shut this silly place down. His time would come. As he stepped into the shower room, he looked out over the plain and imagined himself disappearing into the distance in the tall grass. Just then, about a half mile away, a huge lion appeared out of the grass and their eyes met. OK. Maybe not that way.

In the shower he found that it was his first responsibility to scrub each of his persecutors. When they were done he was allowed to wash himself. Clean white panties and dress awaited him. A staff member appeared to escort the newcomers to their first lecture. It was all about your control implant. It allowed him to be tracked anywhere on this planet and to almost every other planet he had any possible access to. Coverage would soon be universal. There were large Angelic enclaves on every planet that had been colonized, and soon they would have 2 transporters of their own operating on Earth. They intended to colonize several more planets and steadily convert the others to matriarchies. The control shocks could be delivered anywhere on Angelica, even in mines. If he absconded, he could be shocked into immobility until picked up by an Angel. Then the lecture went into the demasculization implant. It would relieve the symptoms of testosterone poisoning and make them more amenable. It would improve their appearance by reconturing their bodies. They were shown videos of weekly progress they could expect. In 4 months they would have breasts from full B to C and slimmer waists. Their body and facial hair would disappear and they would become more mentally as well as more physically sensitive. Then followed a soapy infomercial type of presentation about how they would become pretty girlies, perfect consorts to the ladies who had chosen them. Tomorrow’s lecture would deal with the new attitudes they would develop plus a review of some of today’s points. Now they could break, “wash” and go to lunch.

Yes, at lunch he found he had to first serve and then be on call to his two staff for the day, before feeding himself. It was an exceptionally good lunch, and lite, as he preferred. The afternoon was to be another exercise session which engendered dread in his heart, but he found, in this case it meant tennis and swimming for the staff and scrubbing, cleaning vacuuming washing, ironing and helping the male cook with his preparations for dinner.

They had a half hour relaxation, then dinner, allowing them time to eat if they were quick about it after serving the women. Then there was a frank indoctrination session.

The Angels were organizing all like minded women into an overall political party and recruiting the many men already willing to support them. These persons worked within regular parties and fostered their selected candidates from local school boards to the national scene. In the past two years many positions had been secured and many changes were slowly appearing. They were also extending their influence into the media and shaping the news, fashion, and entertainment to support matriarchal ideals. Bobbie felt himself stirred and excited by the final triumph predicted by the detailed video that was shown.

Prior to bedtime he had one more session. This was an hour in solitude with a staff member. This was the smaller of the two that he was attached to today. She lit a candle between them and had him watch it as she explained things and told him what to think and accept. At the end, he felt calm and restful and happy. He did not protest when she had him bend over so she could insert a “night filler” He went to his room, changed into a gown and crawled into bed. As he stretched out in the prone the filler began so softly buzz. Soon he was asleep, but the insistent voice of his tiny teacher went round and round in his mind. in his mind. In his . . .

(This was posted by “Nomad” on a Usenet newsgroup about a dozen years ago.)

Dedicated to the Extermination of the Male Species

WHAM: We Hate All Men

1970s gynosupremacist dictatorship fantasies for male matrifacists.

Fiction probably written to exploit sexist male fears of the then surging women’s liberation movement.

women who hate men gynosupremacy

Are you looking forward to the Misandrist Revolution?

There was a period when British paperbacks had splendidly entertaining photographs of women on the covers.

women who hate men matriarchal fascism

My thanks to Bibliophile.

Trample (Female Dominance)

These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

– Nancy Sinatra, These Boots are Made for Walkin’


Trampling a man – in the context of female dominance – sounds violent and terrible.

Trample fetish is just walking on a man. Standing on a man as if he were merely a rug is a great metaphor for Femdom / malesub relationships. She above, he beneath.

Mostly trample fetish scenes are enacted with care. This woman’s shoes distribute her weight over a wider area than pointy or sharp-heeled shoes would.

There are extreme trample fetishists. Men want to be trampled by the heaviest women. They even brag of their cracked ribs as emblems of honor. This isn’t male submission, it is machismo.

Total Mind Control & Enslavement

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Whir.Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He sighed, that was it the CD back on repeat again. A CD of pure white noise, buzzing in the heavy old-fashioned headphones. Each time it came around he tried to listen, to try to hear anything during the brief pause, but it was no good the headphones themselves were heavy enough to cut out most sound on their own. The breaks in the CD had been the most exciting thing to happen to him for the last three and a half CD repeats. He estimated a CD repeat as lasting about 45 minutes, but really he had no idea. Before that he had been spoon fed his meal of vegetable lasagne before his water tube was taped back into his mouth and the gas mask with the blacked out eye sockets was replaced.

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Sissy Male in a Cage

This sissy slave is suffering in the wrong way.

Mistress used to enjoy seeing her “little bitch” dress, do her hair and makeup. Mistress criticized everything she did and made her do it again. Sissy was often spanked.

Now Mistress seems bored with her sissy slave. Hasn’t even used a strap-on with her for a week.

If a sissy’s Mistress Owner grows bored with it what will happened to the poor thing.


Transsexual Dominatrix

Mistress Sulka

The photographs of Sulka leave me feeling slightly ambiguous.

Once I was in love with a dominant, sadistic transsexual woman. To me she wasn’t a shemale. She was a woman. She’d yet to undergo gender reassignment surgery. But in my mind she had no penis. Because she didn’t like to acknowledge it and awaiting the day it would be excised.

Part of our bond was my indifference to gender. Had she wished otherwise I would responded in the context of those desires.



There is no explicit dominance in the images above. But she did enact dominatrix roles. Read Sulka: A Vintage Shemale.