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Years ago a friend said he thought Bettie Page looked cruel and sadistic. I thought he was seeing things. I hadn’t seen all the photographs of Bettie Page looking stern, holding a whip.

Beginning back in the 1950s there must have been men who imagined her as their Mistress Wife, Bad Girl Girlfriend, generic Femdom icon.

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Do you imagine yourself on the receiving end of Mistress Bettie Page’s whip?

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Ms Strict 15

He made his way to the back of the house and then into his room. Exhausted, he collapsed face down on the bed and fell asleep. His dreams were fleeting and vague and when he woke the sun was high in the sky. And there was an insistent throbbing that intruded on his fuzzy brain.

‘What the heck?’ he thought, reaching down he found the cage which was filled to capacity with his effort at a morning erection. When his thoughts turned to the night before, the normal thing happened, or at least tried to happen. But this time, things couldn’t proceed, he was effectively squished into a little cage. And on further examination, he realized that it wasn’t going to come off either, well at least without cutting off the lock. The discomfort was rapidly turning into pain and he made his way into the kitchen for an ice pack. He thought that as soon as he had showered, he would go over and she could take the thing off. That is when he remembered she said she was going to be gone for a few days. His heart sank. How was he going to function for days with the thing on? How could he go out or do anything? He would just have to stay around the house and wear baggy clothes or something.

Finally soft again, he made his way into the bathroom, only to realize that peeing standing up was out of the question. The thought of having to sit down to pee was faintly humiliating. The thought of peeing brought back memories of the night before and to his surprise found himself getting hard again at the thought. He got into a cold shower, finding shaving more than a challenge, the cage seeming to get in his way every time he began a stroke.

He finished finally and got out, looking for his baggiest clothing and decided that a lounge around the house was in order. The cage didn’t seem to be too noticeable and he tried to forget that it was there. That wasn’t easy, it tended to intrude on his thoughts at a fairly regular interval, mostly when he thought about his life in the last week or so. He finally gave up and made himself comfortable, ice pack in his lap and decided to give some fairly serious thought to where his life was headed. On the surface, he couldn’t imagine himself doing the things that he had done (or had done to him) in the recent past. But as he thought more and more, he realized that he had never been this happy, it was as if he were finally fulfilled. His fantasies had always been of himself somehow being ruled by a more powerful woman, he had just never realized how important it was to him. And in hindsight, he realized that the women that he tended to be attracted to were the bossy type, the kind that would order him around and be just the tiniest bit mean to him.

He decided that it was useless to moon over the fact that he was securely caged and to get on with his life. He did his chores around the house (making sure that the ice pack was never far away), and did his best to behave normally. He realized that he needed some things from the store and worked up his courage to go out.

He made his way through the aisles at the grocery store, worried that people might be looking at him, noticing the bulge at his crotch, but no one did. He did have a couple of instances when things began to happen down there and he was forced to do all of those things that would distract him to help the erection subside before it got too far along and became painful. Finally, his shopping done, he thought of stopping at the video store for some movies.

He was surprised to run into a group of friends from school and they invited him over for some basketball and pizza later and he accepted quite before he realized what he was doing. As he drove home, he thought with at grin that at least he wouldn’t be getting peed on tonight.

Changing clothing later, he decided that if he wore his jock over the cage it seemed to keep things contained enough that it wouldn’t be noticeable. He still found himself embarrassed about having to pee sitting down though.

Basketball went well, and he figured if anyone smacked him there and commented he could say it was just a cup since he knew what a bunch of dorks they were when they played bball and he was just trying to protect himself from flying elbows. But nothing happened so it never came up. Later on, he found out that along with the pizza, there was beer and movies so it was shaping up to be a fun evening.

So beer and pizza in hand, they flopped down in front of the TV to watch movies. The first movie was typical guy stuff and as he watched, surrounded by his friends, he realized that this was how his life had taken a strange turn. And it seemed that it was about to do that again. The second movie was a surprise, Scott had said. It had looked ‘interesting’ and the store and he thought it was going to be good for some laughs. It had a lame porn title and started out with some guy doing pool maintenance for a middle aged woman. She invited him in later for a cool drink and well the guy finds himself drugged and kidnapped. When he wakes up later, in a cell, she tells him that she collects men for a wealthy woman’s harem and she felt that he was just perfect to be the newest slave.

About this time, Tom felt himself beginning to squirm in his chair. His friends were laughing and making fun of the guy in the movie. They said, yea if they had been kidnapped, they wouldn’t be the ones that ended up as slaves. When the guy ended up over a woman’s knee a short while later, just to be soundly spanked, there was lots of derisive laughter, although Tom noticed that one of his friends seemed almost as uncomfortable as he was. He got up and went for another beer, and found that Scott had followed him into the kitchen. They both got beer and Scott asked him what he thought of the movie. They talked for a bit and then Tom was surprised when Dick asked him if he had ever thought what it would be like to be forced to perform like the guy did in the movie. Tom stammered a bit and found that Dick was telling him that sometimes he thought about it and found it kinda exciting, but he just figured he was just weird. Plus, stuff like that never happened, really. They went back to the movie and watched while the poor guy in the movie had various things done to him by lots of black leather clad women in stiletto heels wielding whips and floggers. The other guys laughed and made fun of the guy and made lewd suggestions about what THEY would do to the women if they were in the same situation. When one of the women brought out a strap-on, the laughter stopped.

‘What the heck is that!’ The poor hero had been strapped and chained down bent over, much like Tom had been when he fell asleep so long ago. The uncomfortable silence extended through the scene and when it was over and the females had reigned triumphant as their victim begged for more ass fucking, the chorus of ‘YUCK!’ and ‘Gross’ was deafening. The general opinion was that the guy had have something wrong with him since only then would he have enjoyed that.

The party broke up after that and Tom offered to give Dick a ride home since it was late. They talked on the way home and somehow it returned to the movie. Dick mentioned that he had a girlfriend that like to rub him ‘there’. He said he was embarrassed about it at first, but once he got over it, it felt kinda nice. He wondered if that made him gay. He didn’t feel gay, it wasn’t if he wanted to have sex with guys or anything, he still really only thought of girls in that way, but it had made him worry. Tom told him that it didn’t make him gay, and laughed, saying they thought guys who didn’t like football had to be gay. And heck, maybe being played with back there felt good, just because guys were gay didn’t mean they were crazy, things still felt good to them. Dick looked relieved when he got out of the car.

Tom got home, and recycled the rest of his beer (sitting down) and went to bed. He woke up several times from disturbing dreams, dreams that Lara had Dick chained to the wall and was flogging him, or Dick worshipping her feet while he watched. The worst was watching Lara take Dick with the strapon, he remembered the overwhelming feeling of jealousy that it should have been HIM, he wanted it to be him giving his mistress pleasure.

The next morning was much like the previous one, he woke throbbing inside of his cage, only to find relief in the shower. He noticed that his hair was growing, but he couldn’t shave and washing wasn’t that easy either. He thought that he should also be wearing his harness and remembered with dismay that he had left it next door. And he had Master Tom to look forward to this weekend. He shuddered. Then he remembered that he still had a key, if Taylor wasn’t home, he could let himself in.

He dressed and went over to the house. Taylor wasn’t home, he suspected she and Lara were together. He went downstairs and found his harness and then checked the assortment of plugs for the next size up from the one he had taken last time. He got an assortment of condoms from the drawer and put it all in a bag and locked up and went home.

He got out the lube, and after slipping a condom over the plug for easy cleanup began trying to work the plug in. It was difficult, it was larger than he had ever taken before and he was distracted again and again by the fact that he would think of Lara and then start to get hard which ended up being painful before things got too far along. He sighed and began again, thinking he was turning into a fine pervert, unable to even stretch his ass properly for his mistress. He finally got the plug in, and felt hugely stuffed. He realized that he found that immensely erotic and had to sit with the ice pack on the cage the entire time he had the harness on. He thought of Dick and smiled thinking that having someone play with your ass doesn’t make you gay, and it does feel nice. Then his time was up and he had to get the plug back out, which tended to be harder than getting it in sometimes and this was definitely one of those times. He decided he would do the yard work today and then wear the harness again that evening for a bit.

He cleaned things up tidying up his bathroom and then went outside and mowed the lawn. He was sitting on the Taylorio, watering the dry spots when Dick drove up with a six pack and they sat around talking and drinking the beer. He was finishing up putting up the hose and cleaning the cans up when Dick came back outside.

He looked a bit confused and when Ted asked him what was up, Dick answered,’ You know I went down and used your bathroom, and I was just wondering what that thing on your sink was. Is it what I think it is? It sure looked like that thing in the movie last night.’

Ted paled, he had forgotten and left things out in the bathroom. The plug and harness were laying there in plain sight. Well, there was nothing he could do but come clean, he and Dick had been friends for years and he could only hope to keep the embarrassing facts between them. He confessed that his girlfriend liked to play with him ‘there’ as well, in fact liked to do what they saw in the movie last night. And no he wasn’t gay either. To his surprise Dick seemed mostly relieved and curious. He wanted to know more, actually confessing that he had actually fantasized about it after seeing the movie. It seemed that Dick had much the same fantasies as he did. Or at least the superficial ones, Ted didn’t tell him about most of what had happened to him, just that Lara, his ‘girlfriend’, enjoyed playing some rather different games. Then Dick asked him about the size, he had noticed the plug was rather large. Ted had to explain to him that Lara had this fantasy about having a really big cock and then laughed, a bit uncomfortably.

Then Dick asked if she had a friend that liked playing that way as well and if he could meet Lara sometime. Ted was amazed and stunned. He knew that if he introduced Dick to Lara, she would take great pleasure in telling Dick just EXACTLY the different little games that they played, knowing it would make him squirm like nothing else. Now he didn’t know what to say.

Boyfriend Learns the Pain of the Lash

Vanilla Boyfriend Suffers for Mistress Girlfriend’s Pleasure

Girlfriend Whips Submissive Boyfriend
Namio Harukawa art.

A bunch of neon signs. It was the middle of day, The ugly glass-tube truth. Dangling wires. Urban dirt. The building itself had a fascinating style. It was half Bauhaus and half plain paper bag. One of the signs went “XXX!!!”. Another remarked, “Toys for Sale”.

They parked across the boulevard. The woman turned to the man and asked, ‘That’s it?’

‘That is the place.’

The woman made an announcement then. ‘I ain’t goin’ in there. Not in THIS lifetime.’

So the man unsheathed a confidential tone. ‘Look, you’d probably enjoy it’, he said. ‘Has the ambience of a locker room. And for team testerone. Where a bunch of little males fail to hide their… enthusiasm.’

The woman considered this quiet observation. She made a quiet observation of her own, ‘One hears the voice of experience.’

‘Not exactly.’ The man blushed a tiny bit. ‘Been there once. It was sort of a dare.’

‘Well I dare you now.’

‘And I dare you.’

‘I am not going in there.’ A very final tone.

To this the man courageously replied. ‘And I will not venture in that establishment alone.’

The woman giggled, ‘Yes you will.’

A poignant pause.

‘Oh shit… .’


The woman unleashed four very simple words: ‘Buy a riding crop.’


‘You forgot an extremely important thing.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

The man went shopping.

It took twenty minutes He returned with a box like a box for roses. He offered the roses to his Mistress. ‘Mistress… ‘

She jumped him. And she pinned him. Just took him in her arms. Her powerful muscles kept him down. She squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. ‘Open wide slave.’ Tongues can penetrate. She kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed. And sat down like she hadn’t even shaken up the world. ‘Om.’

She started the car.


The first law of deadening is put lots and lots and lots and lots of soft and light and flexible objects and no short circuits between the source of noise and the curious ears. The second law of deadening is to not care, if the ears win.

The woman’s bedroom was full of soft, light, flexible objects. Pillows. Bedspreads. Comforters. Rugs. A couple of ratty old beanbag chairs. The friendly face of a torture chamber. And, in the woman’s words, ‘If a anybody asks, “What was all that racket in there?” I’ll smile and tell ‘em I was flogging my boyfriend.” She grinned.

Then she stopped grinning, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

The man had thought about this day a lot. A lot. ‘I want all the world for you. But I can’t get all the world. Store is out. Always will be out. But the romantic in me does not believe this. So I want at least a part the world – the part that is me – to be for you. So I’ll do anything you want to do and do anything you say. Or to put less grandly, I am Joe submissive and got the hots for ya babe.’ A pause. ‘Course in real life my giving has a memory leak. Or something. Some flaw. Some minor – maybe some not so minor – flaw or set of flaws. I want to try though.’ A brief hesitation. ‘On a more prosaic level, But I really do not care for pain. Really, really do not care. So I’m in fact a little bit scared.” Another little pause. ‘But to answer your question, yes I want this. Yes.’

‘I want you to understand: it will hurt. You will suffer. I will make you suffer to make me orgasm.” She kissed him with exaggerated gentleness. ‘Konx.’

She stood back. ‘Slave undress.’

Her slave quietly and quickly undressed.

‘Kneel before me.’

Her slave followed her command.

The woman inspected her property. Her man. Her man and her slave. She walked back and forth and back and forth. Patiently, thoughtfully back and forth. And the man looked down.

‘You remembered.’

He kept his eyes down. Kept looking at the floor.

‘Kiss my left foot now.’

Her man kissed her left foot. He started with the toes,

‘And tongue between the toes.’

The sound of his obeying was the only sound in the room.

‘Stop. Lift your eyes. Slave look up at me.’

She was like a perfect sky at middle of the night. Where a trillion stars erupt.

‘Get the whip.’

The man obeyed. He retrieved the box. He began opening the cardboard… .

‘Wait. Present it. Present the whip from on your knees.’

He knelt. He took the top off the cardboard box. The man held the box to the woman.

She grasped the whip, And tried the whip, A few slashes through the air. The man saw and heard. ‘Lay across the pillow. Bottom up for me. For my whip.’

Her man obeyed. The woman whipped him.

Vigorously. Again and again. Again and again and again and again.

She wore an intent, hard expression. Her lips became a line.

The man felt the energy of her desire in the blows. Despite this, he moaned.

The woman summoned-up more power. She gave it to her man.

Sweat formed on both bodies.

Mistress whipped him more.

Her man started blinking. The woman grabbed his ponytail and beat her slave some more.

Again and again and again and again, And again and then she stopped.

‘Slave, get on your knees.’

He rose stiffly to his feet and fell loudly to his knees. Mistress leaned over and kissed her possession.

‘Watch slave.’

Then the woman touched herself.

Her passion and her pleasure and her energy and might entranced the kneeling man. He felt happiness and pride.

As she went for number eight, she said, ‘Masturbate my slave. I’ll decide if you may come. I will tell you.’

Afterwards, the woman lay on top, upon the man. She held him in her arms. And stroked his hair. And closed her eyes.

My Cruel Bitch Ruler III

She grabbed my hair and physically dragged me into the kitchen and bent me over
the kitchen table. Her cruel fingers went right back into my ass and she
roughly stroked my cock, bending it backwards through my legs towards her. The
pain and pleasure were intense. When she tired of this she took her fingers
right from my ass and plunged them into my mouth, compelling me to taste my own
ass, while she spanked my exposed butt with her right hand. The spanks hurt
like hell. This girl was strong. Scary strong. She grabbed me by the hair
again and literally threw me down on the ground onto my back and pried my mouth
open with the toes of her bare foot.

“Come on slut, my feet need some attention”

She shoved her toes into my mouth and made me suck them, then lick the salty
bottom of her bare foot like a slave. She was interrupted from her
ministrations when the phone on the wall next to her began to ring.

“Here…now be quiet while I’m on the phone.”

She shoved her foot deep into my mouth, pinning my head against the floor and
she answered the phone.

“Hello. Oh hi Carmen! How is Chicago…oh that’s so sad…give them my
condolences…you be safe honey…Me? Oh I’m just fine…having lots of fun…I
met a new guy….yeah…I’ll tell you all about it when you get back…you too
Carmen. See you tomorrow…bye”

“Hey bitchboy, that was your girlfriend. Maybe I’ll take some pictures so she
can see how I spent my Saturday night. Good idea?”

I tried to shake my head no, but her cruel foot had me pinned motionless
against the hard floor.

“Nah…forget it. Let’s have sex instead!”

She dragged me back into the living room and pushed me down on the floor and
finally removed her clothes displaying her incredibly perfect toned, muscular
body. God I hated this bitch, but at the same time wanted her so bad. She
arranged us in a 69 position with her on top and plunged her wet cunt down on
my face. She rode me like a horse, with my cock and balls grasped harshly in
one hand, the cruel fingers of the other plunging in and out of my tender ass
while she rode my face, swearing and sweating her way to orgasm, spraying me
with her girlcum. She ground her cunt all over me, making sure that my entire
face was soaked and that the air passages of my nose and mouth were filled with
her juices. I was a choking, exhausted mess.

She yanked me up onto me knees, slapped my wet face twice hard, then forced my
face into her perfectly formed, tanned, muscular ass and made me lick her anus
while she rubbed her cunt, cooing and sighing and squealing in her pleasure.
At the moment of her second orgasm, she spun around and made sure to soak my
face in it again. I, totally used, collapsed onto the floor again while she
left the room. I couldn’t even move.

She returned in about five minutes. A vision of my worst nightmares. Strong,
athletic, sexy, cruel, and sporting a 10 inch, thick , flesh colored, strap-on

“Ok slut. Time to fuck each other’s brain out! Me first!”

(Continued …)

My Small Penis Humiliation Fetish

I suppose it was in High School seeing other guys in the shower that I began to suspect I had a rather small penis. But this never really seemed an issue, even when I began dating girls. (None of them ever mentioned that my dick was small. Actually, they never mentioned my dick at all, which probably says something.

Then, in my early twenties, I got into a more serious relationship with a girl called Rachel. Sex was okay, straightforward and nothing special. It was only when we split up, rather acrimoniously, that she fired her parting shot. “…Oh, and you’ve got a small cock and tiny balls!”

Well that set me thinking. What I found was that, after the initial shock and upset, I was actualy turned on by the thought that my ex-girlfriend considered my equipment to be inferior and, by implication, would have preferred something bigger.

Some time later, Rachel and I made up. After a suitably decent period, I asked if she’d meant what she said about the diminutive size of my cock and balls. But, to my disappointment, she denied that she did, making out that it was just something she’d said in the heat of the moment and hadn’t really meant. After which she simply refused to discuss the matter. Even when I was fucking her, if I suggested she needed something larger, she’d simply roll her eyes, tell me to shut up, and get on with it!

Well, some time later, we split up again for good. Again, it was not an amicable split. This time, she signed off with, “…And I meant it when I said you’ve got a small cock and tiny balls. Because it’s true. You have!”

What really upset me wasn’t our splitting up, it was the missed opportunity I’d had to indulge in what I now know to be Small Penis Humiliation. That would have to wait for several years when I finally met the woman of my fantasies, the wonderful Sadie.

So there I was, a man with a small cock and balls, a desire for humiliation, but no girlfriend. What was I to do?

It seems to me that there are two broad avenues for humiliation. One is direct. Someone sees your cock, as it were, in the flesh, and judges it to be undersized. The other is indirect. Someone receives the information that you have a small cock.

I began to explore ways of exploiting these two avenues. I had one thing going for me. My job involved me working in various parts of the country on fixed term contracts. I might live in place for a month, six months, a year and then never go back. This gave me some means of escaping the paradox of wanting to be known for having a small cock by people with whom I had some form of personal relationship, yet not having to live with the long term consequences.

Basically, then, I’d settle into my situation in some new town and get to know various people there (people I worked with, local shopkeepers, neighbours, etc.) Then I’d set about letting them know of my “shortcomings.”

How? Well, by various means which may be of some use to others. The most obvious is to be “accidentally” caught in a state of undress. This was fairly easy when living in digs or guest houses. A bathroom door is left unlocked and you await the arrival of the landlady doing her rounds. The fear and excitement building up to these accidental flashes was amazing. You stand in the bathroom, naked and pathetic, you hear her footsteps approaching, the door opens, she comes in, she sees you, her eyes flick down on to your cock, she flusters, apologises and leaves. Bliss! Occasionally, this would be added to in the weeks that followed by subsequent whispers and sniggers among the landlady and her female friends. But often the incident would pass as though it had never occurred.

Unfortunately, I began to develop a bit of a moral hang up about this kind of activity. There was a sense in which the woman’s participation was non-consensual. (I suppose the same might be said for other things I shall go on to discuss, but this kind of activity was particularly direct.) It bothered me so much that in the end I ceased doing it. Almost! I reasoned that in situations where my privacy was in some way invaded by others, displaying myself was okay. So, if a hotelmaid should come into my room without knocking and found me naked, that wasn’t my problem. Similarly, if, on a beach, a couple of women are enjoying watching me struggle to put on my swimsuit under a towel, and then that towel slips, that’s okay with me. And it given their amusement, with them too.

Fiancée Spanks Her Fiancé (F/m Engagement)

Female-Led Engagement

Before she would accept his engagement ring the young woman told her boyfriend that she would marry him only if he understood that she expected him to be a submissive husband. Since the young man had been attracted to his girlfriend because of her take charge attitude he happily assented.

So Mistress Girlfriend trains her fiancé, preparing him for the day that she will put on her wedding ring and he his chastity belt. Whenever the meet in private he drops to his knees and kisses her feet. Then he waits with his head bowed for permission to rise.

Mistress Fiancée spanks him at least once a day. Mostly light, playful punishments. But he is late for a date or impertinent the intensity of his discipline reminds her fiancé that is goal is to always please his Mistress in every way.


Women Humiliate Man in Game of Strip Poker

CFNM, Feminization, Strap-On Sex

I arrived at Elizabeth’s in the evening. We had ended our relationship a few months previously and had remained friends, or so I thought. I had expected Elizabeth and I would be eating alone so I was surprised to hear voices in the kitchen.

‘Who’s here,’ I asked as I removed my shoes and hung up my jacket.

‘Connie and Maureen,’ Elizabeth said. I must have colored slightly. Connie and Maureen were also former lovers of mine.

‘Don’t worry,’ Elizabeth said, grinning. ‘No one’s going to hurt you.’ We moved into the kitchen and sat around making idle chatter. Maureen had a deck of cards in her hand that she kept shuffling. I was nervous being in the company of these three, but growing more comfortable until Elizabeth turned to

Maureen and asked about my pussy eating skills. ‘He was very good,’ Maureen said, leering at me. ‘He ate my pussy as long as I wanted, but he always needed to cum. He always wanted a hand job or would I suck his dick or fucking, he would beg for fucking.’

I reddened. I did not know what to say. Connie leaned over and grabbed my crotch. She squeezed my penis and balls hard enough to be both pleasurable and painful.

‘It’s alright,’ Connie said. ‘We all know your secrets. We’ve all seen you naked with your little dickie sticking out. You don’t have to be embarrassed.’

‘I’m not embarrassed,’ I said, trying to seem nonchalant. Her squeezing was giving me an erection. The conversation was humiliating.

‘Men do seem to need that attention their penises,’ Elizabeth said. She had stepped behind me and was running her fingers through my hair. ‘I once caught him masturbating in the shower. I made him get out and finish in front of me. You enjoyed that, didn’t you”

I must have turned a deep red. They all roared with laughter. I was angry, humiliated and a little turned on at the same time.

‘Oh, come on,’ Elizabeth said, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. ‘We’re just goofing on you. Don’t take it so seriously.’

Much to my relief, we returned to our previous, safer conversation. Then Maureen snapped her deck of cards and called for a game.

‘How about a little strip poker,’ she said. I paused.

‘I don’t think I want to play strip poker,’ I said. Maureen snapped her cards again.

‘Are you chicken,’ Elizabeth asked.

‘You can get us back for embarrassing you before,’ Connie said. ‘You can get us naked and make us beg for our clothes back. Don’t you want to teach us a lesson”

That direct appeal to my ego worked. I agreed to the game. Maureen dealt the first hand. I anted up with a sock though I graciously left it on the floor. I was raised a sock and my belt. My two-of-a-kind lost to Maureen’s flush.

On the next hand I anted up my shirt. I folded when Connie and Maureen were pushing the stakes up high. The three of them seemed to be wearing many layers of clothing. I anted up my pants. As Connie dealt the hand, Maureen started telling the story of the best sex she and I had ever had.

She had ordered me to get naked. I had to start at her feet and lick and kiss my way up to her pussy. Then I ate her pussy as she sat on the sofa. With one foot she kept artfully manipulating my penis and balls, sometimes softly, sometimes painfully, but keeping me hard. When she had cum twice, she ordered me onto an armless chair she owned and mounted me. Maureen rode me until I came and then she kept on riding until I begged her to stop.

That was the best sex we had ever had. I loved her on top of me. I could never recall that sex without getting an erection and I could feel my hardon growing in my underwear as Maureen told the story. I folded quickly to avoid having to bet my underwear, my last remaining piece of clothing, and expose my erection. Elizabeth won the hand and started to deal. The three of them anted and looked at me expectantly.

‘Well, where’s your ante,’ Elizabeth said. I stood. I was sweating and my heart was pounding. I could feel the blood rising up in my cheeks. I pulled my underwear down to my ankles and stepped out. I dropped the underwear in the middle of the table. My erection stood straight out from my body. They roared with laughter. Connie had snatched my chair away so I could not sit and, at least, pretend to hide behind the table. I was humiliated.

‘Oh, he’s embarrassed,’ Connie said. ‘He’s all excited and we can see his little penis.’

Maureen and Elizabeth laughed again. Maureen reached over and flicked the head of my penis with her finger. The unexpected pain made me jump. She did it again. As I was fending off a third attempt, Connie did the same to my balls. The attack was coming from two sides. I covered my balls with one hand and the head of my penis with the other.

‘He’s getting mad,’ Elizabeth said. ‘He’s naked and you girls are hurting his little penis.’

Connie bent down and plucked one of my socks from the floor. Promising she would not hurt me, she opened it and slid it over my erection. More than half the sock hung down from the tip of my penis. They laughed again.

‘There,’ Connie whispered in my ear. ‘Now we can’t see your little dickie.’ Connie tickled the underside of my balls and then moved her hand up the shaft of my penis. Turning to the other two, she said ‘He’s really hard.’

Elizabeth came around the table and felt my penis. Maureen took her turn. She pumped my penis. Her stroking and the sock rubbing the head of my penis were too much and I exploded. Her hand kept the cum pumping out of my penis. Then the head became too sensitive. The sock rubbing against the head was almost painful.

‘Maureen,’ I begged. ‘Please stop. Please.’

Maureen pulled the sock off. She took my balls in her hand and gave them a forceful squeeze. Pulling up, she lifted me up onto my toes.

‘Who gave you permission to cum,’ she said. ‘You’re gonna get it now.’

Keeping a firm grip on my balls, Maureen pulled me over to Elizabeth. Maureen gave a quick blow to the stomach. I bent over at the waist and felt her hand on the back of my neck, forcing me onto Elizabeth’s lap with my ass in the air.

Elizabeth trapped my still-erect penis between her thighs. I struggled to hold still as it remained sensitive. Connie caught my neck in a lock between her knees. I was trying to catch my breath.

‘Spread your legs,’ Elizabeth ordered. When I did not comply fast enough, Elizabeth started to spank me, hard. I took a breath and began to struggle. Someone, presumably Maureen, sat on my back and a hand took a firm and painful grip on my balls.

‘Stay still,’ Maureen said. Just to emphasize her point, she gave my balls one hard squeeze. I stopped squirming. Someone, Connie I thought, reached down and clapped a bracelet on my left wrist. Both arms were pulled behind my back and I realized it was not a bracelet, but handcuffs. That hand, still on my balls, kept me still. I was cuffed and immobilized. Maureen and Connie climbed off me. I remained on Elizabeth’s lap and she took up her spanking again.

‘Make his ass nice and pink,’ Connie said. I heard Maureen leave the room. My ass was stinging after a few minutes. Maureen returned. I heard a bag being dropped on the table. Elizabeth stopped.

‘Look at that color,’ Maureen said. A hand with sharp fingernails played across my behind. My cheeks were pulled apart.

‘Let’s clean up this little ass pussy,’ Connie said. A buzzer started up and I felt the cold metal pressed against my rear. I was getting shaved — all around my rectum, beneath my balls and the insides of my thighs. What felt like a razor cleaned off any stubble.

I heard someone spit and I felt a warm liquid on my rectum. finger penetrated me, then two. Some cold liquid hit my rear and I felt a much larger object pressing against me. My rectum spread to admit it then collapsed as the object’s diameter grew smaller.

‘What is that,’ I asked.

‘A little penis-shaped butt plug,’ Elizabeth responded. ‘Do you like having a penis up your ass”

I kept silent. I was lifted to my feet. Elizabeth pressed up against. She took my nipples between her fingers and squeezed.

‘Well, do you,’ she said quietly. I mumbled my assent. Taking the buzzer from Maureen, Elizabeth went to work on my crotch. My pubic hair was taken down to stubble. They stood back to admire their work.

I looked ridiculous as I stood naked in front of the three women. Between the orgasm, the spanking and the ball squeezing, my penis had shriveled. ‘Hard to believe something so small could get smaller,’ Maureen said. She

stepped to me and lightly played with my genitals. I looked down at my penis.

She was right. It had never looked so small.

‘Come on,’ Maureen ordered. She took a firm grip on me flacid penis and pulled me to the bathroom. Elizabeth and Connie trailed behind and gave my ass a swat anytime they thought I was moving too slowly. Once in the bathroom, Maureen applied shaving cream to the remaining stubble on my crotch. She used a razor to complete the shaving.

‘Get in the tub,’ Maureen said. ‘It’s time for a rinse.’

I stood in the tub and began to reach for the tap.

‘Lie down,’ Maureen barked. ‘Face up.’

Elizabeth, Connie and I all looked confused by this order. I complied. Maureen whispered something in Connie’s ear. With a giggle Connie took down her panties and squatted above me. Her pee began to flow over my stomach and she directed the stream to hit my penis and balls. Elizabeth did the same. Maureen started at my genitals, went up my chest and finished on my face.

‘Get up,’ Maureen ordered. The butt plug was removed. She turned the cold water on full blast. I had to stand under the stream for several minutes before Maureen turned it off and I toweled off.

Connie put me in a collar and leash and we went to the living room. A penis gag was stuffed into my mouth. The cuffs were removed and I was forced down onto all fours. Connie and Elizabeth took seats behind me on the couch. My ass and balls were displayed to them. Maureen sat on my back. The three of them began idle conversation while Maureen began playing with my ass.

First, it was a finger, then two, and then a dildo, perhaps. Their conversation grew quiet as Maureen’s concentration on my ass grew more intense.

Maureen climbed off and I heard her fussing behind me. She knelt behind me. I could feel her hands on my hips. One of the two on the couch rose to assist Maureen. I was penetrated by a huge dildo. Maureen began slowly fucking me.

‘That’s it, my little bitch,’ she said to me. ‘Take it all. You love me fucking you. Say you love it.’

Through the penis gag I mumbled my assent. When I was not loud enough, Maureen gave me a swat on the ass. She pulled out and ordered me onto my back with my knees up. The fucking started again in this new position. She was rough and occasionally slammed into my balls. I was alternately in pain, turned on and I had a semi-flacid, half-hearted erection. Elizabeth and Connie were both standing now to observe.

‘She wants to get a hardon, but she can’t,’ Connie said. Maureen stopped and pulled out. I could see a thought forming in Elizabeth’s mind.

‘Get onto all fours, bitch’ Elizabeth snapped at me. There was more noise behind me and someone, presumably Elizabeth, knelt behind me. I felt fingers penetrating my asshole and their number was increasing. Elizabeth was about to fist me, I realized. My heart was pounding and I was struggling for breath through the gag. I tried to relax my ass and surrender to the inevitable. I found myself pushing back to accept her fist, almost wanting it in me. With a final thrust, she was in me. I relished being so entirely possessed by her, being owned by her. She approved.

‘That’s a good girl,’ Elizabeth said. To further show her approval, she used her other hand to play with my balls and penis which was now completely flacid.

The fisting seemed to go on and on. Then Elizabeth removed her hand and I fell to the floor, exhausted. I rolled onto my back. The three of them were standing above me, smiling. Connie knelt beside my head and stroked my hair.

‘Now it’s time for our fun,’ she said. I had thought they had been having their fun, but apparently not. Connie removed the gag and climbed onto my face. I ate her pussy to orgasm. I did the same for Elizabeth and Maureen. By the time I was done I was erect again and dying to come. The three of them, however, were finished with me. Connie dumped my clothes in a pile on the floor next to me.

‘But I haven’t cum,’ I protested. Elizabeth took me by the arm and started to lead me to the door. Standing at her front door, Elizabeth delicately played her fingers along my balls and up the shaft of my penis. She lightly stroked my penis as she spoke to me. I thought she might masturbate me to orgasm.

‘You’re so hard,’ she said. ‘You may masturbate in the bushes outside. We’ll dump your clothes out the front window.’

She pushed me outside, naked, with a raging erection. The cold air stung my skin. I jumped behind the bushes that lined the front of her house. At the far end I heard a window open and saw my clothes dumped out. I pressed my back against the house and made my way towards my clothes in the tight space between the house and the bushes. The bushes were scratching the skin on my stomach, my thighs, even on my penis and balls. I turned sideways which protected my front, but my side was plenty scratched when I reached my clothes. My pants and underwear weren’t there. I heard Elizabeth above me.

‘I told you to masturbate,’ she said. ‘Jerk off or you can walk home in your shirt and socks. The whole neighborhood will see your little dick.’

Fighting off the pain and cold I took my drooping penis in my hand. I came in two or three minutes and was rewarded with the rest of my clothes except for my underwear. In its place, I had a pair of frilly, female panties. I did not need to be ordered to put these on. I knew it was my place to wear them.

Feminized, Cuckolded Husband

Sissy Cuckold Husband Art

“Why aren’t you dressed?” I asked. “The party starts in an hour.” I was startled to see Morena in a light blue bathrobe and slippers.

“Oh, I’ve been trying to sew this darn thing, but I can’t do it without a form,” she responded, discouraged.

“Well, we don’t have a lot of time left and Masterman is going to look pretty lonely without T-Girl by his side,” I smiled.

“Say Wimp, would you mind doing me a favor?” asked Morena coyly, “Would you mind putting on my costume for me, so I could sew the bustier? It’ll only take a few seconds.”

“Me put it on?” I tried to protest.

“Well, it’s the only way I’m going to be ready in time. I know Jaime is counting on us to come,” purred Morena, as she rubbed my chest through the blue spandex of my costume. I consented and began to strip.

“All right, but you owe me,” I said, stepping out of my Masterman costume. Morena immediately noticed my freshly shaved legs.

“Oh, good. You shaved your body hair. It will make the spandex costume look a lot neater,” she smiled, as she handed me a pair of high cut red panties.

“Panties?” I asked, alarmed.

“Well, don’t take this personally,” she said. “But I’d rather not wear those briefs right after you’ve taken them off. And another thing, I want to see how the whole outfit looks on you, so I can get a sense of the complete picture,” said Morena.

Sheepishly, I gave in to her demands. I held out my feet as she slid the shiny red boots with the three inch heels over my legs which I had already agreed to let her encase in sheer pantyhose. I should have realized that something more than a fitting was going on as I slid the blue star-spangled briefs up around my waist and let her put the red bustier with gold metallic eagle on my torso. I let her clip the red star earrings on me and slap the big metal bracelets on my wrists. I stood before her with my arms stretched out to my sides as she took a needle and thread and began her work.

“I’m going to have to leave you a lot of room in your chest, so it’ll fit around a pair of breasts,” she smiled.

“Just please hurry,” I replied. “I don’t want anyone to see me like this,” I pleaded. She tied off the thread and moved behind me.

“Now, just one more thing,” she called from behind me. “Put your hands way back so your chest sticks out.”

I did as she requested, and before I could react, I felt her grab my wrists and wrap something around them. Oh no! She was tying my wrists with a pair of nylons. I could hear her giggling as she tied the first knot, before I realized what was happening and could fight back. “Let me go! We have to get to the party,” I snarled.

“Oh you’ll get to the party all right,” she laughed.

I had missed my opportunity to resist earlier and now I was in trouble. More and more nylon was being added to her trap and I was feeling so helpless already. I was quickly spun around to face Morena as she taunted me. “I have big plans for you Sissy. Be a good girl or things will be much worse for you.”

“Sissy! W…” She caught me in mid sentence, shoving another, balled-up pair of panties in my mouth and then tying them in place with the sash of her robe. I was helpless as she flung me onto the couch where she pinned me down with one knee and proceeded to bind my ankles together and bind my feet to my hands in a tight hog-tie.

“Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?” She asked, as she laughed deeply at my predicament.

* * *

Before I go on with what happened that night, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Wimp, and I had a real talent for sports. I was twice collegiate champion in swimming, and was into body-building (but not quite to the extent Morena was.) However, what I really excelled at was football. As varsity captain, I led my college team to an undefeated record. I had all sorts of trophies. As a result, in my senior year I was offered a multi-million dollar contract as first draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons. That was what the party was all about. It was graduation time, and I would soon be going to training camp.

Morena was my girlfriend all through college. But during my senior year, I fell in love with Jaime. I know it sounds corny, the captain of the football team falling for the head cheerleader, but it happened to me. Her brother, Stud, was the wide receiver on the team who did as much as I did in winning football games. He introduced me to Jaime, and the two of us immediately hit it off.

Jaime told me she was still a virgin, and I believed her, despite all the stories one hears about cheerleaders, especially fantastically sexy blonde ones like her. She said she loved me, and was saving her virginity for me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was the girl I wanted to marry. But what of Morena? How would I break the news to her?

Then, the party came along. At the party, I would tell Morena it was over. Since it was a masquerade party, I figured that if I could talk Morena into wearing a T-Girl costume, she would attract the attention of every man there, and have no trouble finding someone to “pick up the pieces.” I scoured the stores to find just the right material for her costume: the silk briefs, the red and gold bustier, the tight belt, and even the “magic” lasso. I spent a fortune. The Masterman costume that I was to wear was Jaime’s idea. Why she made the suggestion will become apparent later. But now…

* * *

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” asked Morena, as I laid helplessly on the couch. “Oh, we’ll be going to the party all right, and you’ll be a changed man after I’m through with you!”

I didn’t know then what she meant.

Morena picked up my Masterman costume and went into her bedroom. A few minutes later as she emerged, I was flabbergasted to see that she had put it on. Not only that, but she had apparently been wearing a wig earlier, because her hair was now short, and was combed perfectly, right down to the spit curl on her forehead. That, and the fact that she was heavily into “Ironwoman” bodybuilding, made it nearly impossible to tell she was a woman. Especially convincing was the vague bulge in the briefs of the costume.

“Well, Sissy, how do I look?” she asked in a deep, man’s voice, as she placed her fists on her hips in the classic Masterman stance. “I see you’ve noticed that part of Masterman about which everyone wonders. I guess that will go along with your guise as ‘Wonder’ Woman!” she snickered. “But it’s the excess in YOUR shorts that is of immediate concern.”

As Morena approached, I shivered in blind fear. She grabbed the front of the star-spangled silk briefs and pulled them down, revealing the red panties underneath. Reaching into the underwear, she grabbed my now-limp member.

“So this is what Jaime was saving herself for,” she remarked sarcastically as she pulled it free of the panties. “How pathetic!”

Blushing beet red, I squirmed as Morena produced a strange-looking object. It appeared to be a condom, but larger, with small sacs of some sort of liquid attached, and two long strings.

“This is for you to wear tonight,” she said as she wrapped the device around my foreskin. She tucked the package between my legs and replaced the panties. She then rolled me over, and tied the strings after pulling them taught, up through the crack of my rear cheeks. She then attached what felt like a piece of paper to the strings, and pulled up the wonder pants.

When she was through, she said: “I want you to know that the little item I just put on you is filled with acid. It can only be removed by someone working from behind. If you try to remove it yourself, the sacs of acid will break, and…, well, let’s just say you don’t want to know. But don’t worry, I’ll remove it later, or, if I should happen to go home with someone else tonight, you can get help elsewhere, as I’ve written instructions for removal on that slip of paper you felt. But understand that whoever you trust the removal to will see your bare ass wearing those hot red panties, so make sure it’s someone you really trust! -And don’t count on it being Jaime!”

I didn’t know what to make of that last comment, as she went on: “Now, will you behave? You’ll have to obey my every wish all night,” she commanded.

With a sigh, I nodded my head.

“Good.” she said. “Now, I’ll untie you, and we can go to the party. You’d better lay off the beer tonight. You wouldn’t want to have to go to the bathroom.”

Morena untied me, and when she removed the panty gag, I asked: “Morena, why are you doing this to me? I was going to tell you everything! Get this sick thing off my nuts!”

“Now, now, T-Girl,” replied Morena. “You shouldn’t be telling Masterman what to do! Now, let’s have a look at you.” She inspected her handiwork. The bulge in my silk briefs was much smaller, and looked like that of the voluptuous woman whom I was representing.

“Much better!” she said. “Now, let’s cinch up that corset a little to give you those amazonian curves, add a tiara and wig…, a little lipstick and mascara…, and there we have it: The world’s mightiest superheroine!”

I looked in the mirror. Although I was clearly still a man, I filled out the costume quite nicely. “All right then,” I said. “Let’s hurry up and get whatever you have planned over with, so we can come back here and take that…that… thing off.”

“Not so fast, T-Girl,” replied Morena. “I’ll be right back. I’m bringing a little surprise to the party.”

A moment later, Morena returned with a small suitcase, and we got in the car and she drove us to the party at Jaime’s house.

* * *

When we arrived at the party, Morena made a big deal about opening the door for me as if she were really a man and I were really a woman. We went up to the door, and Morena rang the doorbell, with a reminder to behave myself, or else.

When the door opened, there was Jaime. I was somewhat shocked to see she looked absolutely fabulous dressed in a Supergirl costume, with the red boots, red cape, blue tunic, and red figure skater’s miniskirt. Now I understood why she wanted me to come dressed as Masterman.

Jaime was somewhat taken aback by my appearance as she said: “Wimp? Is that really you?”

“Yes Jaime,” I replied. “It’s me. I can explain…”

But before I could say another word, Jaime turned to Morena and asked: “Who’s this? Where’s Morena?”

Before I could reply, Morena spoke, in her deep voice: “Morena got sick and couldn’t make it tonight. I’m Paul, her cousin from Cincinnati.”

“Pleased to meet you, Paul,” replied Jaime. “What’s wrong with Morena?”

“Oh, she caught the sniffles and decided to go to bed,” replied Morena. “But she insisted that Wimp go anyway. Wimp agreed to let me wear his costume, and thought it would be a real howl if he came as T-Girl. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh, not at all,” smiled the unsuspecting Jaime. “So, you’re Morena’s cousin. That explains the resmblance. Anyway, you both look wonderful! Come right in.”

We entered and saw all the people. Most of the football team was there, dressed in various costumes. The women, mostly the cheerleading squad, were dressed in very sexy outfits, and the men in various visions of creativity. But the big surprise was Jaime’s brother Stud. He was dressed in a Wonder Girl costume.

When Stud saw me, he came over and said: “Wimp? Is that you? I thought I was the only guy who had enough guts to dress like a superheroine tonight! Come on, let me get you a beer!”

I glanced at Morena, who nonchalantly left me to go with Stud, as the unaware Jaime led her to the punch bowl. Jaime had the same sort of look in her eye that she gave me when I proposed to her. I couldn’t believe that she was somehow attracted to Morena in her Masterman disguise.

Stud brought me over to the bar. “How about a cold one?” he asked.

“No thanks,” I replied. “I can’t. Not now.”

“Say, what’s eating you?” he asked. “And where’s Morena tonight?”

“She’s right over there,” I replied. “Talking to your sister.”

“You mean Masterman?” he asked in amazement.

“That’s right,” I confirmed. “Only don’t let her know I told you, or else…”

“Or else what?” asked Stud.

It was then that I noticed Morena was leading Jaime into another room. I thought to myself that it was now or never. I had to get that… that… thing of my joint before I went crazy. Then it hit me. Stud and I had seen each other in the raw lots of times in the locker room. I could get him to help me remove Morena’s little torture device! Then, we’d see what would happen to Masterman!

“Stud, you gotta help me,” I said.

“Whatever you need, buddy,” he replied. “We’re a team, remember.”

“Let’s go outside,” I said. I wanted to be near the window of the room where Morena was doing whatever she was doing to Jaime. Fortunately, there was a foyer nearby, where Stud could perform his operation without us being seen by anyone, and afterward, I could immediately enter and surprise the two girls and save Jaime from whatever dastardly deed Morena’s jealous heart had thought up for her.

I led Stud outside to the foyer. As we went, Stud asked: “Say, Wimp, have you ever wondered which one was the dominant one?”

“Huh?” I asked. “What are you talking about?”

“I mean, between Wonder Girl and T-Girl,” he continued. “Obviously, they’re lesbians, living on that island of no men and all that. But between the two of them, which one was the boss when it came to sex?”

“I, uh, really haven’t given it any thought,” I replied, somewhat exasperated at such a dumb question.

“Well, I always thought it was Wonder Girl,” he continued. “With Wonder Woman being so much more in need of being dominated, since she was bigger, and more mature. It’s a psychological thing.”

“Uh, I suppose you’re right,” I said. “OK, here’s a good spot. There should be enough light for you to see.”

“See?” asked Stud. “See what?”

I turned around and bent over. I told Stud: “Pull down my pants.”

“What?!” replied Stud, surprised.

“I said: ‘Pull down my pants!'” I whispered, exasperated.

“All right!” he replied, with just a little too much exuberance.

Stud grabbed at the waistband of the silken briefs and slowly pulled. When they were down to where I thought was the right spot, I asked: “Do you see it?”

“Sure.. I mean, see what?” he replied, not sure to what I was referring.

“The note!” I said. “Can you see the slip of paper?”

“Oh,” he said. “A note. Yeah, I see it.”

“Well, do what it says!” I commanded.

“But I thought you were marrying my sister,” protested Stud, as he read the note.

“Never mind that now!” I said. “Just do it!”

“OK,” he replied. “You’re the captain.”

It was then that I felt him enter me. I yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“I’m doing what the note says,” he replied, calmly. “Gee, Wimp, if I had known you were this way…”

I couldn’t help myself. My penis got hard, and just as I was about to cum, I felt the sacs under my crotch burst. It started to burn, and then… everything went black.

* * *

When I came to, I was home. I was still dressed in the T-Girl costume, but I was again bound and I could feel a little burning in my crotch, but my appendage was still there. The silken star-spangled briefs were wet. By and by, Morena came out, still dressed as Masterman.

“Well, T-Girl,” she said. “I see you’re awake. Did you make a little mess? I told you what would happen if you got aroused. You fainted, you know. Wonder Girl carried you to the car, and I brought you home.”

“Are you going to tell me what this is all about?” I demanded, relieved to learn I was still whole. “Will you untie me now? You and I are through. I want to be with Jaime.”

“Oh, T-Girl, I wouldn’t worry about Supergirl right now,” she replied. “She’s well on her way by now.”

“On her way?” I asked, surprised. “Where is she going?”

“Perhaps this will answer your questions,” replied Morena, as she walked to the VCR, inserted a tape, and pressed PLAY.

On the screen was a picture of Stud hunched over me, in the throes of passion. “What is this?” I asked. “So that was a video camera in the suitcase you brought to the party! Are you going to try to blackmail me? You’ll never get away with it!”

“Oh no?” replied Morena. “You see, that little item I put on your favorite body part was just a couple of plastic balloons filled with water and a little bit of Ben Gay-and I do mean ‘Gay.’ I knew they would burst the moment you got -shall we say- ‘excited.'”

“What did you do to Stud to get him to rape me?” I asked.

“I didn’t have to do anything,” she smugly answered. “Stud’s been wanting to do you for a long time. I just ‘set you up’ with him. You did the rest.”

“Me? How? I didn’t ask him to rape me,” I protested.

“You didn’t have to,” replied Morena. “Even though, deep down, you really wanted to. All he had to do was read and follow the instructions on the note, as you ordered him.”

“What did that note say?” I asked.

Morena read from the note: “It says: ‘I’ve always wanted this from you. Fuck me here! Now!’ And there’s a little heart drawn here, too.”

“Me gay? No way!” I protested.

“Way,” she replied. “The hard-on that you got during your encounter was proof positive.”

I had to admit, Morena was right. I could still feel the “afterglow” from my experience. “But what about Jaime?” I asked.

“Watch,” she replied. “There’s more on the tape.”

The next scene showed Jaime laying on the bed in the room Morena had led her into that night, the room overlooking the foyer where Stud and I had our rendezvous. Jaime was saying: “Oh, Masterman, I’ve always wanted you! Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Morena, disguised as Masterman, replied: “Yes, Supergirl. Only, let me blindfold you first.”

“Supergirl” agreed, and Morena stripped to reveal her muscular stature and the strap-on dildo she had worn to give her the bulge in her tights. Morena carefully lifted “Supergirl’s” red mini-skirt, pulled aside the thin piece of blue spandex covering her pussy, and proceeded to fuck Jaime forty-seven ways until Sunday, after which she again donned the Masterman costume to resume her disguise. After she removed Jaime’s blindfold, she and Jaime smoked cigarettes.

“That was wonderful, Masterman,” said Jaime. “But why did you want to put it on video tape?”

“Because I wanted something to remember you by,” replied Morena. “I’m going home soon, and I won’t be seeing you again. Besides, you’re getting married to Wimp.”

“You mean T-Girl?” asked Jaime. “Not now, now that I’ve found out he’s not a real man, I mean not like you.”

“You mean you’d leave him for me?” asked Morena, continuing the pillow talk.

“Oh, yes!” replied Jaime. “You’re a Masterman in every sense of the word!”

“But you don’t even know me,” said Morena. “You don’t even know what I do for a living.”

“Yes I do,” protested Jaime. “You’re Paul, and you’re from Cincinnati. As for what you do for a living… Well, exactly what is it you do?”

“Well,” replied Morena, “I’m not really from Cincinnati. I’m from Nevada.”

“Oh! Nevada!” replied Jaime. “How exciting! Do you work in a casino?”

“No,” replied Morena, “I’m sort of a recruiter.”

“Recruiter?” asked Jaime. “For what?”

“For the legal cat houses in Nevada,” replied Morena. “I recruit prostitutes.”

“How interesting!” replied Jaime, again with altogether too much enthusiasm. Then, with a coy smile, Jaime asked: “Did I pass the entrance exam?”

“With flying colors!” said Morena, with her own high level of eagerness.

“Wonderful!” said Jaime. “I’ve always wanted to get paid for doing what I do so often! You know, that Wimp thinks I’m still a virgin! What a sap!”

My heart sank at Jaime’s declaration. “When do I leave?” she asked.

“Right away,” replied Morena. “As soon as you can pack. Now, to avoid any legal problems, you’ll have to buy your own ticket, and I can’t escort you directly there. Do you have enough money?”

“I will,” replied Jaime, “as soon as I can hock this engagement ring Wimp gave me. It’s worth thousands!”

“Well, just don’t forget your costume, Supergirl,” instructed Morena. “As a matter of fact, why don’t you just wear it to the ranch, underneath some street clothes. Then you can reveal yourself to the manager, and he’ll get a look at you at your best.”

With that, Morena handed Jaime a piece of paper with the addresses of several Nevada whorehouses on it, and Jaime rushed to pack.

Feeling totally betrayed, I wept. My overly promiscuous bubbleheaded fiance left me, so I had nowhere to turn but my ex-girlfriend. I realized she was right about me. And from my encounter with Stud, I learned that I no longer had any feelings towards the opposite sex. “What will I do now?” I asked Morena.

“Don’t worry, T-Girl,” replied Morena. “I’ve got it all worked out.”